Summer Festival of Shimla

The summer festival of Shimla is a gay time for the people of Shimla. It is celebrated with much of pomp and grandeur in the month of May every year in Shimla. The summer festival in Shimla observes various local folk dance performances besides a number of performances made by the school goers. Even famous personalities like singers and celebrities are brought from all over India during this gala period in Shimla.

The Shimla summer festival is organized at the Ridge of Shimla. People from the adjacent areas come to Shimla to have a glimpse of this much awaited festival. But now the festival is also celebrated at places like Kufri and Naldera.

In 2007, the major attraction of Shimla's summer festival will be 'Star Nights', fashion show, food festival, drawing competition, baby show, flower display, skating competition and also a Himachali Film Festival will be organized. There will be ticket counters for watching these shows.

During the summer festival at Shimla, the locals give stalls displaying the amazing handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh upholding the true Himachali culture. This a major tourist season of Shimla when the temperature is mild and cool and there is the spirit of joy everywhere.

The Shimla summer festival also arranges the Red Cross Fair, various sports, photograph and poster exhibition. The Shimla summer festival is a major festival of Shimla. It projects the rich tradition and culture of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla assumes the color of festivity during the month of summer.

Last Updated on : 4/9/2012

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