Shimla Tourist Seasons

Shimla tourist seasons basically can be divided into two major sub divisions. One is from April to August and the other is from December to January. The climate of Shimla being highly favorable, draws tourists in a large proportion from not only India but abroad too.

The summer season is a very pleasant time in Shimla. This a major tourist season of Shimla whereby thousands of tourists visit this lovely hill resort to get away from the scorching heat of the plain region. During the summers, people may need to wear light woollen garments as the place remains cool in summer too.

The temperature swings between a maximum of 28'C to a minimum of 15'C. This climatic condition makes Shimla an ideal tourist season during the summer months.

The other lot to whom the snowfall is of prime attraction, the best time to pay a visit to the place is during the winters of December and January. The winter is heavily chilling in the place. This season is another prime tourist season of Shimla. The temperature fluctuates between maximum of 8'C to a minimum of 0'C and may even go below that level at times. Snowfall takes place in abundance in the month of December-end. The tourists play with snow flakes by throwing snow balls at one another.

The major attractions during the tourist seasons of Shimla are the June Summer Festival and the Winter Carnival and Ice-skating in the months of December and January. During the tourist seasons of Shimla, the hotels offers a number of attractive packages to the tourists.

Last Updated on : 4/9/2012

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