Vice Regal Lodge Of Shimla

The Viceregal Lodge of Shimla is a heritage building that is situated on the Observatory Hill of Shimla. This building originally used to be the dwelling hub of the then Viceroy of India Lord Dufferin. The building is also termed as the 'Rashtrapati Niwas'.

The building bears the Scottish flavor of architecture in its every nook and corner. The design of the building is one of the greatest contribution made by Henry Irvine. Only the local woods like pine and cedar were used to construct this marvel. A library has been developed inside the lodge. Also there is a baronial fire place.

The building balconies provide a spectacular view of the Shimla mountain ranges covered in white snow. During the dusk hours, the sight of the sunset appears magnificent from the terrace of the Vice Regal Lodge of Shimla. It was the center of important decision making earlier like the historic Shimla conference of 1945 as well as the 1947 decision of partitioning India into Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Viceroy's Lodge Video

The majestic Vice Regal Lodge is encircled with extensive pine trees and sprawling gardens on all sides. Some of the rare species found in the garden are maidenhair tree, Japanese maple and white mulberry.

The building now serves as the center for the Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS). The research scholars from different corners of the country and abroad assemble here for debates and discussions. One can have a visit to the Vice Regal Lodge of Shimla between nine in the morning to eight thirty in the evening.

Last Updated on : 4/9/2012

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