People of Thanjavur

The South Indian people of Thanjavur represent the unique cultural heritage and traditional legacy through their day to day activities and lifestyles. The culturally enriched native population of the ancient city of the state of Tamil Nadu specializes in the traditional art and craft of the region.

Most of the local inhabitants of Thanjavur earn their living by growing agricultural crops. Tamil is the main language of the local citizens of the ancient city. However, many inhabitants fluently speak English and Marathi language as well.

Thanjavur is famous for its traditional classical music and dance. The local population of the city is known for brilliant mastery over Carnatic music and Bharatnatyam dance. Almost all the local indigenous inhabitants of Thanjavur are proficient in the performing arts of singing and dancing.

The traditional city of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu has produced several luminaries in the world of classical music and dance. The people of Thanjavur also specialize in the traditional art of drawing exquisite paintings which are popularly referred to as Tanjore Painting. The painters draw scenes from the mythological stories of the Hindu religion on metal and glass backgrounds.

The artistic caliber and architectural creativity of the local inhabitants of Thanjavur is reflected through the beautiful edifices of the ancient city. Upholding the unique traditional ancestry of the place, the local inhabitants of Thanjavur organize numerous social and cultural events that display the rich performing arts of the region.

The lifestyles of the native population speak volumes about Thanjavur and its cultural and social ambience.

Last Updated on 06 December 2011