Tamil University

Tamil University is one of the famous universities of India. It was established in 1981 by Mr M G Ramachandran; but it got statutory recognition under the University Grants Commission in 1983.

The main objective of the Tamil University is to impart higher education in Tamilology. Tamil is one of the oldest Dravidian languages of India; but, since the British Rule, Tamil had lacked prominence. Therefore, the Tamil scholars tried to institute a university in order revive the Tamil language. The endeavor the scholars became successful in 1981, when Mr M G Ramachandran, the erstwhile Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu inaugurated the Tamil University.

The university also aims at providing advanced studies in Drama, Music, Translation, Linguistics, Manuscriptology and Lexicography. The Tamil University of Thanjavur offers M Phil and Ph D programs in Translation, History, Architecture, Literature, Sculpture and Language.

A snapshot at the departments of the Tamil University at Thanjavur is as follows:
  1. Language
    • Literature
    • Folklore
    • School of Indian Languages
    • Linguistics
    • School of Philosophy
    • Tribal Studies
  2. Tamil
    • Tamil Studies in Foreign Countries
    • Sociology and Scientific Tamilology
    • Compilation
    • Translation
  3. Manuscriptology
    • Rare paper Manuscripts
    • Epigraphy
    • Under-water Archeology
    • Palm Leaf Manuscripts
  4. Science
    • Siddha Medicine
    • Architecture
    • Computer Science
    • Ancient and Earth Sciences
  5. Arts
    • Drama
    • Sculpture
    • Music
Moreover, Tamil University is located on 800 acres of land, which was granted by the Tamil Nadu state government. The campus of the university contains academic departments and administrative buildings and blocks. The University Library and Karikalan Gallery are among the other features of the university campus.

Last Updated on : March 25, 2016