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Strength and Weakness of India and Pakistan Cricket Team

The fans of the game of Cricket have been requested by the media, as well as the governing bodies- not to create a hostile ambience in what all feel is the "India vs Pakistan Cricket War". The war field hype should not be built up for the match destined to be played in Mohali (Punjab) on the 30th March 2011.

Mohali, a tiny city in the northern part of the country has become a hot tourist spot for the big day. The cricket world arch rivals India and Pakistan are gearing up themselves against one another for this day. Even the top ministers, the corporate big-wigs, the showbiz personalities are going to be present on the venue along-with the other ardent fans of the game. Any match between India and Pakistanis is considered as the "mother of all cricket contests", at least for the Indians and the Pakistanis.

In this region of the world nothing is more thrilling than a match between India and Pakistan. They met face to face on the occasions of world cup cricket matches three times post independence. The first match played between the two countries was played in 1952 (16th to 18th October) at New Delhi. This test match was of four days. India had won over Pakistan on the third day (18th October) by one innings as well as 70 runs. India had won the 5 match test series 2-1. It is remarkable that all the remaining 10 tests were draw. India has a record of 4-0 over Pakistan in the India vs Pakistan Cricket War. Once, they are going to encounter each other coming Wednesday.

Last Updated on 01 April 2011

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