Uttarakhand Board Intermediate (12th) Exam Date Sheet 2017

Uttarakhand Board 12th Exam Results 2017

Students can check or download their results on official website http://www.ubse.uk.gov.in/ or http://www.uaresults.nic.in/

Uttarakhand Board Class 12th Time Table 2017
DateDayTimeSubject (S)
17/03/17Friday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Agriculture (Hindi-Part II)
18/03/17Saturday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Military Science
20/03/17Monday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Geography, Geology, Physics, Business Studies
21/03/17Tuesday10:00 A.M. To 12:00 P.M.Drawing and Painting
   Agricultural Science (For Part I)
   Agricultural Science (For Part II)
23/03/17Thursday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Home Science, Chemistry
25/03/17Saturday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.English
26/03/17  Botany Second Question Paper (Part I)
27/03/17  Agriculture Economics Seventh Question Paper (Part II)
27/03/17Monday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Sanskrit, Urdu, Punjabi
28/03/17Tuesday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Mathematics
30/03/17Thursday10:00 A.M. To 12:30 P.M.Accountancy, Biology, Indian Music (Vocal), Indian Music (Melodic Instruments), Indian Music (Percission Instruments), Agricultural Physics & Climatology Third Paper (Part-I), Agricultural Zoology Eighth Paper (Part II)
31/03/17Friday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Computer Science
01/04/17Saturday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Psychology, Pedagogy and Philosophy
03/04/17Monday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Economics, Agricultural Engineering Forth Paper (Part I), Animal Husbandry and Veterinary (Part II)
06/04/17Thursday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.History
07/04/17Friday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Agricultural Mathematics and Primary Statistics Fifth Paper (Part I), Agricultural Chemistry (Part II)
08/04/17Saturday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Political Science
10/04/17Monday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Sociology


Last Updated on : January 12, 2017

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