Andhra Pradesh Board Intermediate Date Sheet 2018

Andhra Pradesh Board Intermediate 1st Year & 2nd Year Time Table: 2018
Time: 9.00 A.M to 12.00 Noon
Day/Date1st Year ExaminationDay/Date2ed Year Examination
Wed 28 February 2018Part-II: 2nd Language Paper-IThu 1 March 2018Part-II: 2nd Language Paper-II
Sat 3 March 2018Part-I: English Paper-IMon 5 March 2018Part-I: English Paper-II
Tue 6 March 2018Part-III: Mathematics Paper-IA, Botany Paper-I, Civics Paper-I, Psychology Paper-IWed 7 March 2018Part-III: Mathematics Paper-IIA, Botany Paper-II, Civics Paper-II, Psychology Paper-II
Thu 8 March 2018Part-III: Mathematics Paper-IB, Zoology Paper-I, History Paper-IFri 9 March 2018Part-III: Mathematics Paper-IIB, Zoology Paper-II, History Paper-II
Sat 10 March 2018Physics Paper-I, Economics Paper-I, Classical Language Paper-IMon 12 March 2018Physics Paper-II, Economics Paper-II, Classical Language Paper-II
Tue 13 March 2018Chemistry Paper-I, Commerce Paper-I, Sociology Paper-I, Fine arts, Music Paper-IWed 14 March 2018Chemistry Paper-II, Commerce Paper-II, Sociology Paper-II, Fine arts, Music Paper-II
Thu 15 March 2018Geology Paper-I, Home Sciences Paper-I, Public Administration Paper-I, logic Paper-I, Bridge Course Maths Paper-I (For BI P.C. Candidates)Fri 16 March 2018Geology Paper-II, Home Sciences Paper-II, Public Administration Paper-II, logic Paper-II, Bridge Course Maths Paper-II (For BI P.C. Candidates)
Sat 17 March 2018Morden Language Paper-I , Geography Paper-IMon 19 March 2018Morden Language Paper-II , Geography Paper-II

Intermediate Public Examinations - 2017

Time: 9.00 A.M to 12.00 Noon
DateI year ExaminationsDateII year Examinations
01/03/17Part - II: 2nd Language Paper-I03/02/17Part - II: 2nd Language Paper-II
03/03/17Part - I : English Paper- I04/03/17Part - I : English Paper- II
06/03/17Part-III: Mathematics Paper-I A; Botany Paper-I; Civics Paper-I; Psychology Paper-I07/03/17Mathematics Paper-II A; Botany Paper-II; Civics Paper-II; Psychology Paper-II
08/03/17Mathematics Paper - I B; Zoology Paper - I; History Paper - I09/03/17Mathematics Paper - II B; Zoology Paper-II; History Paper - II
10/03/17Physics Paper-I; Economics Paper-I; Classical Language Paper- I11/03/17Physics Paper-II; Economics Paper-II; Classical Language Paper- II
13/03/17Chemistry Paper-I; Commerce Paper-I; Sociology Paper-I; Fine Arts; Music Paper-I14/03/17Chemistry Paper-II; Commerce Paper-II; Sociology Paper-II; Fine Arts; Music Paper-II
15/03/17Geology Paper- I; Home Science Paper-I; Public Administration Paper-I; Logic Paper-I; Brigde Course Maths Paper-I (For B.P.C Students)16/03/17Geology Paper- II; Home Science Paper-II; Public Administration Paper-II; Logic Paper-II; Brigde Course Maths Paper-II (For B.P.C Students)
17/03/17Modern Language Paper-I; Geography Paper-I18/03/17Modern Language Paper-II; Geography Paper-II

Note Also: a) Ethics and Human Values Examination will be held on 28-01-2017 (Saturday) from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM.
b) Environmental Education Examination will be held on 31-01-2017 (Tuesday) from 10.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M.
c) Practical Examinations will be held from 03-02- 2017 to 22-02-2017 (including Sundays) for General Intermediate courses in jumbling system.

Intermediate Public Examinations - 2017

S.No.CourseCourse CodeDay & Date
1General Foundation Course PART-A8002Wednesday 01-03-2017
2English Paper-I8001Friday 03-03-2017
S.No.Name Of Vocational CourseCourse CodeMonday 06-03-2017Wednesday 08-03-2017Friday 10-03-2017
   Subject With Q.P. CodeSubject With Q.P. CodeSubject With Q.P. Code
1Crop Production and Management (C.P & M)105Principles of Crop Production (8103)Soil and Water Management (8104)Farm Management and Agricultural Extension (8105)
2Dairying (Dairy)106Animal production and Management (8110)Feeds and Feeding of Animals (8112)Animal Health (8113)
3Fisheries (FISH)107Taxonomy, Ecology & Biology of Fishes (8118)Principles of Fisheries and Acquaculture (8119)Seed Production Technology (8120)
4Sericulture (SERI)108Mulberry Cultivation (8125)Farm Management & Seri- Biotechnology (8126)Silk Worm Seed Technology (8127)
5Accounting & Taxation (A & T)206Business Organization (8163)Accountancy & Computers (8164)Taxation - I (8165)
6Office Assistantship (O.A)208Business Organization (8163)Accountancy & Computers (8164)Fundamentals in Short-hand and Typewriting (8173)
7Banking & Financial Services209Business Organization (8163)Accountancy & Computers (8164)Banking - I (8176)
8Insurance & Marketing (I&M)210Business Organization (8163)Accountancy & Computers (8164)Principles of Insurance (8179)
9Retail Management (RM)211Business Organization (8163)Accountancy & Computers (8164)Retail Marketing (8182)
10Automobile Engineering Technician (A.E.T)309Workshop Technology (8213)Basic Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (8214)Auto Mobile Power Plants (8215)
11Construction Technology (C.T)310Construction Materials (8220)Surveying Theory (8221)Engineering Mechanics (8222)
12Computer Science and Engineering (C.S.E)311Computer Fundamentals & Ms-Office (8227)Programming in 'C' (8228)Accountancy & Tally (8229)
13Electronics Engineering Technician (E.E.T)312Circuits Theory & Electronic Components (8233)Electronic Devices and Circuits (8234)Digital Electronics and Computer Fundamentals (8235)
14Electrical Technician (E.T)313Elements of Electrical Engineering (8239)Electrical Engineering Materials & Wiring (8240)Electrical Measuring Instruments & Electronic devices (8241)
15Mechanical Engineering Technician (M.E.T)314Basic Workshop Technology (8245)Mechanical Technology (8246)Electrical Technology (8247)
16Building Construction & Maintenance Technician (BC&MT)315Water Supply Engineering (8252)Surveying Theory (8221)Engineering Mechanics (8222)
17Printing Technology (PTG)316DTP & Pre-Press-1 (8255)Press work & Finishing-1 (8256)Information Technology (8257)
18Commercial Garment Technology (C.G.T)405Principles of Garment Making (8292)Textile Science (8293)Garment Construction (8294)
19Fashion & Garment Making (F.G.M)406Fundamentals of Garment Construction (8299)Fundamentals of Textiles (8300)Fashion & Apparel Designing (8301)
20Hotel Operation (H.O)407Food Production-I (8306)Food & Beverage Service - I (8307)Room Division Operations - I (8308)
21Pre-School Teacher Training (P.S.T.T)408Introduction to Child Development (8313)Organization & Management of Crèches (8314)Health & Nutrition (8315)
22Computer Graphics & Animation (C.G.A)503Computer Fundamentals and MS-Office (8227)Programming in 'C' (8228)Fundamentals of Computer Graphics and Animation (8320)
23Tourism & Travel Techniques (T.T.T)504Fundamentals of Tourism and Travel (8357)Tourism Geography, Cultural Heritage (8358)Tourism Products (8359)
24Medical Lab Technician(M.L.T)612Bio chemistry - I (8408)Micro Biology & Pathology (8409)Anatomy & Physiology (8410)
25Ophthalmic Technician (O.T)613Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology (8422)Physical & Physiological aspects of spectacles (8423)Community Ophthalmology & Health Education (8424)
26Physiotherapy (P.T)614Anatomy & Physiology (8429)Psychology and Abnormal Psychology (8430)Biomechanics & Exercise Therapy (8431)
27Multipurpose Health Worker (Female) M.P.H.W (F)615Community Health Nursing (8450)Health Promotion (8451)Primary Health Care Nursing (8452)

Bridge Course /Additional Subjects (Revised) Under Stream-II
Time From 9.00 A.M. To 12.00 Noon
DayDateSubject With Q.P. Code
Monday13/03/17Mathematics Paper- I (6004); Biological Sciences Paper-I (6006)
Wednesday15/03/17Physical Sciences Paper-I (6005)

Second Year Vocational Examination 2017

S.No.CourseCourse CodeDay & Date
1General Foundation Course - Part-A9002Thursday 02-03-2017
2English Paper-II9001Saturday 04-03-2017
S.No.Name of Vocational CourseCourse CodeTuesday 07-03-2017Thursday 09-03-2017Saturday 11-03-2017
   Subject With Q.P. CodeSubject With Q.P. CodeSubject With Q.P. Code
1Crop Production and Management (C.P & M)105Management of Field & Commercial Crops (9103)Management of Horticulture Crops (9104)Seed Production and Processing (9105)
2Dairying (Dairy)106Quality Control of Milk and Processing (9110)Milk Products (9112)Diary Economics, Extension & Entrepreneurship (9113)
3Fisheries (FISH)107Pond Management (9118)Acqua Culture (9119)Reservoir Fisheries and Post Harvest Technology (9120)
4Sericulture (SERI)108Rearing Requirements and Silkworm Pathology (9125)Silkworm Rearing Technology (9126)Post Cocoon Technology (9127)
5Accounting & Taxation (A & T)206Auditing (9163)Accountancy & Tally (9164)Taxation-II (9165)
6Office Assistantship (O.A)208Shorthand (9175)Accountancy & Tally (9164)Office Management (9176)
7Banking & Financial Services209Financial Services (9180)Accountancy & Tally (9164)Banking -II (9181)
8Insurance & Marketing (I&M)210Retail Marketing (9170)Accountancy & Tally (9164)Principles of General Insurance (9185)
9Retail Management (RM)211Retail Management (9188)Accountancy & Tally (9164)Elements of Salesmanship (9189)
10Automobile Engineering Technician (A.E.T)309Auto Transmission & Electrical Systems (9213)Automobile Chassis & Body Engineering (9214)Automobile Servicing & Maintenance (9215)
11Construction Technology (C.T)310Construction Practice (9220)Estimating & Costing (9221)Highways & Construction Management (9222)
12Computer Science and Engineering(C.S.E)311OOPS and JAVA (9227)Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS) (9228)Data Communication & Computer Networks (9229)
13Electronics Engineering Technician (E.E.T)312Communication Engineering (9234)T.V. & Modern Communication Systems (9235)Measuring Instruments, Consumer & Power Electronics (9236)
14Electrical Technician (E.T)313Electrical Machines & Power Systems (9241)Domestic Appliances & Re-winding (9242)Electrical Estimation & Utilization (9243)
15Mechanical Engineering Technician (M.E.T)314Energy Sources and Power Plant (9248)Light Motor Vehicles (9249)Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (9250)
16Building Construction & Maintenance Technician (BC&MT)315Environmental Engineering (9255)Building Materials & Maintenance (9256)Estimating and Costing (9257)
17Printing Technology (PTG)316DTP & Pre-press-II (9262)Press Work & Finishing-II (9263)Basic Engineering (9264)
18Commercial Garment Technology (C.G.T)405Apparel Manufacture (9292)Fabric Embellishment (9293)Apparel & Fashion Designing (9294)
19Fashion & Garment Making (F.G.M)406Advanced Dress Designing (9299)Traditional Textiles (9300)Fashion Garment Designing (9301)
20Hotel Operation (H.O)407Food Production-II (9306)Food & Beverage Service - II (9307)Room Division Operations - II (9308)
21Pre-School Teacher Training (P.S.T.T)408Early Childhood Care & Education (9313)Organization & Management of Pre-School (9314)Parent Education, Nutrition & Health (9315)
22Computer Graphics & Animation (C.G.A)503Graphic Design (9350)3-D Animation (9351)Internet Technologies (9352)
23Tourism & Travel Techniques (T.T.T)504Tourism Profile in Andhra Pradesh (9357)Travel Agency, Tour Operations (9358)Application of Computers for Tourism and Travel (9359)
24Medical Lab Technician (M.L.T)612Bio Chemistry -II (9408)Microbiology (9409)Pathology (9410)
25Ophthalmic Technician (O.T)613Spectacle Lens Grinding, dispensing of Spectacles (9422)Common Ocular diseases & Primary Operation Theatre Procedures (9423)Refractive Errors, Maintenance of Investigative Instruments & Equipments (9424)
26Physiotherapy (P.T)614Medical & Surgical Condition (9429)Orthopedics and Neurology (9430)Electro Therapy (9431)
27Multipurpose Health Worker (Female) M.P.H.W (F)615Midwifery (9450)Child Health Nursing (9451)Health Centre Management (9452)

Bridge Course /Additional Subjects (Revised) Under Stream-II
Time From 9.00 A.M. To 12.00 Noon
DayDateSubject With Q.P. Code
Tuesday14/03/17Mathematics Paper- II (7004); Biological Sciences Paper-II (7006)
Thursday16/03/17Physical Sciences Paper-II (7005)

NOTE:- 1. Please note that the Examination Timings are from 9.00 A.M. To 12. 00 Noon.
"2. The instructions issued on the time table of General Intermediate Examination Students are also applicable to Vocational Students."
"3. Ethics and Human Values Examination will be conducted on 28-01- 2017 (Saturday) from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM."
"4. Environmental Education Examination on 31.01.2017 (Tuesday) from 10.00 A.M to 1.00 PM (One day)."
"5. Practical Examinations are proposed from 03.02.2017 to 22.02.2017 (including Sundays)"


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