ISC Board Class 12th (ISC) 2020 Time Table

ISC 12th 2020 Time Table for pending exams

July 1, 2020Wednesday11.00 A.M. Biology (Paper 1) Theory3 hrs.
July 3, 2020Friday11.00 A.M. Business Studies3 hrs.
July 5, 2020Sunday11.00 A.M. Geography3 hrs.
July 7, 2020Tuesday11.00 A.M. Psychology3 hrs.
July 9, 2020Thursday11.00 A.M. Sociology3 hrs.
July 11, 2020Saturday11.00 A.M. Home Science (Paper 1)Theory3 hrs.
July 13, 2020Monday11.00 A.M. Elective English3 hrs.
July 14, 2020Tuesday11.00 A.M. Art 5 - Craft3 hrs.

ISC Board Class 12th Time Table 2020

02/03/2020Monday9.00 A.M.Home Science - Paper 2 (Practical) - Planning Session1 hr
02/04/2020Tuesday9.00 A.M.Home Science - Paper 2 (Practical) - Examination Session3 hrs.
02/05/2020Wednesday9.00 A.M.Chemistry - Paper 2 (Practical)3 hrs.
02/06/2020Thursday9.00 A.M.Physics-Paper 2 (Practical)3 hrs.
02/07/2020Friday9.00 A.M.Computer Science - Paper 2 (Practical)3 hrs.
02/08/2020Saturday9.00 A.M.Art Paper 1 (Drawing or Painting from Still Life)3 hrs.
02/10/2020Monday9.00 A.M.Biology - Paper 2 (Practical)3 hrs.
02/11/2020Tuesday2.00 P.MAccounts3 hrs.
02/12/2020Wednesday9.00 A.M.Biotechnology - Paper 2 (Practical)3 hrs.
13/02/2020Thursday9.00 A.M.Indian Music - Hindustani Paper 2 (Practical)20 minutes for each candidate
   Indian Music - Carnatic Paper 2 (Practical)20 minutes for each candidate
   Western Music - Paper 228 minutes for each candidate
   Fashion Designing - Paper 2 (Practical)3 hrs.
14/02/2020Friday2.00 P.MEnglish - Paper 1 (English Language)3 hrs.
17/02/2020Monday2.00 P.MEconomics3 hrs.
18/02/2020Tuesday9.00 A.M.Art Paper 3 (Drawing & Painting from a Living Person)3 hrs.
20/02/2020Thursday2.00 P.MEnglish - Paper 2 (Literature in English)3 hrs.
24/02/2020Monday2.00 P.MPhysics - Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
25/02/2020Tuesday2.00 P.MPolitical Science3 hrs.
26/02/2020Wednesday2.00 P.MIndian Music - Hindustani - Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
   Indian Music - Carnatic - Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
   Western Music - Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
27/02/2020Thursday2.00 P.MEnvironmental Science - Paper 1(Theory)3 hrs.
28/02/2020Friday2.00 P.MIndian Languages / Modern Foreign Languages/ Classical Languages3 hrs.
03/02/2020Monday2.00 P.MChemistry - Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
03/03/2020Tuesday2.00 P.MFashion Designing - Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
03/04/2020Wednesday2.00 P.MHistory3 hrs.
03/05/2020Thursday2.00 P.MBiotechnology - Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
03/06/2020Friday2.00 P.MCommerce3 hrs.
03/07/2020Saturday9.00 A.M.Art Paper 2 (Drawing & Painting from Nature)3 hrs.
03/11/2020Wednesday2.00 P.MMathematics3 hrs.
03/12/2020Thursday2.00 P.MMass Media & Communication3 hrs.
13/03/2020Friday2.00 P.MPhysical Education - Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
16/03/2020Monday2.00 P.MComputer Science - Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
17/03/2020Tuesday2.00 P.MElectricity and Electronics3 hrs.
   Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing3 hrs.
   Geometrical & Building Drawing3 hrs.
18/03/2020Wednesday9.00 A.M.Art Paper 4 (Original Imaginative Composition in Colour)3 hrs.
19/03/2020Thursday2.00 P.MSociology3 hrs.
20/03/2020Friday2.00 P.MBiology - Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
23/03/2020Monday2.00 P.MGeography - Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
24/03/2020Tuesday2.00 P.MBusiness Studies3 hrs.
26/03/2020Thursday2.00 P.MHome Science - Paper 1 (Theory)3 hrs.
27/03/2020Friday2.00 P.MElective English3 hrs.
30/03/2020Monday2.00 P.MPsychology3 hrs.
31/03/2020Tuesday9.00 A.M.Art Paper 5 (Crafts)3 hrs.

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