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LocationPincode State District
Abgil Chaurama811301 BiharJamui
Aghara So811314 BiharJamui
Aliganj811301 BiharJamui
Amari811307 BiharJamui
Amrath811307 BiharJamui
Anandpur811312 BiharJamui
Arbaria811312 BiharJamui
Arha805124 BiharJamui
Arsar811307 BiharJamui
B Bahadurpur811315 BiharJamui
Baladih811301 BiharJamui
Bamdah811303 BiharJamui
Banpur811305 BiharJamui
Barahat811313 BiharJamui
Barasolapur805101 BiharJamui
Baribag811317 BiharJamui
Basbitti-bo811303 BiharJamui
Batia811308 BiharJamui
Bhour811317 BiharJamui
Bichkorwa811303 BiharJamui
Bishanpur811314 BiharJamui
Bisodah811316 BiharJamui
Bukar811307 BiharJamui
Chain811308 BiharJamui
Chakai811303 BiharJamui
Chanashly811317 BiharJamui
Chandra Mandi811303 BiharJamui
Chandradeep805124 BiharJamui
Chango Dih811305 BiharJamui
Charkapathal811314 BiharJamui
Chaura811307 BiharJamui
Chhapar Dih811308 BiharJamui
Chuwan811305 BiharJamui
Dabil811307 BiharJamui
Darha811313 BiharJamui
Darkha811301 BiharJamui
Daulatpur811313 BiharJamui
Dhadhaur811307 BiharJamui
Dhanama811301 BiharJamui
Dhanar805101 BiharJamui
Dhandh811307 BiharJamui
Dhundo811314 BiharJamui
Dighi811312 BiharJamui
Dinnagar811301 BiharJamui
Dulampur811303 BiharJamui
Dumari811314 BiharJamui
Dumarkola811307 BiharJamui
Dundu811307 BiharJamui
Fatehpur811308 BiharJamui
Gadibishanpur811317 BiharJamui
Gaganpur811303 BiharJamui
Gagra811305 BiharJamui
Garhi811317 BiharJamui
Garsanda811307 BiharJamui
Gaura811312 BiharJamui
Ghughuldih811305 BiharJamui
Gidhaur811305 BiharJamui
Gopalpur811317 BiharJamui
Hilsa811301 BiharJamui
Islamnagar811301 BiharJamui
Jamui811307 BiharJamui
Jamui Court811307 BiharJamui
Jhajha811308 BiharJamui
Jhajha Bazar811308 BiharJamui
Jit Jhingoibo811317 BiharJamui
Kaiyar811301 BiharJamui
Kakan811307 BiharJamui
Kala811312 BiharJamui
Karhara811308 BiharJamui
Karma811315 BiharJamui
Karma Borba811308 BiharJamui
Katauna811313 BiharJamui
Keshopur811305 BiharJamui
Kewal811316 BiharJamui
Kewal Fariyatta811305 BiharJamui
Khadigram811313 BiharJamui
Khaira811317 BiharJamui
Kharaich811317 BiharJamui
Khardih811315 BiharJamui
Kharhawa811305 BiharJamui
Kharsari811307 BiharJamui
Khelari811317 BiharJamui
Khuranda811316 BiharJamui
Kiya Jori811303 BiharJamui
Kolhua811313 BiharJamui
Koluadih811303 BiharJamui
Konan811307 BiharJamui
Korane811303 BiharJamui
Kumar811315 BiharJamui
Lachhuar811315 BiharJamui
Laxmipur811312 BiharJamui
Lohra811307 BiharJamui
Madhopur811303 BiharJamui
Mahadeo Simaria811307 BiharJamui
Maheshwari811314 BiharJamui
Mallehpur811313 BiharJamui
Mango Bandar811305 BiharJamui
Maniyadda811307 BiharJamui
Manjhway811311 BiharJamui
Manjosh811315 BiharJamui
Markama811301 BiharJamui
Mathurapur811315 BiharJamui
Matia811312 BiharJamui
Maura811305 BiharJamui
Mirzaganj811301 BiharJamui
Mohanpur811316 BiharJamui
Mundbaro811317 BiharJamui
N. silfari811303 BiharJamui
Naiyadih811314 BiharJamui
Narganjo811308 BiharJamui
Nariyana811317 BiharJamui
Nayagaon811305 BiharJamui
Nimnawada811317 BiharJamui
Noni811301 BiharJamui
Numar811313 BiharJamui
P. matihana811314 BiharJamui
Patambar811315 BiharJamui
Patauwa811303 BiharJamui
Pathak Chack811307 BiharJamui
Pirhinda811315 BiharJamui
Pradhanchak811317 BiharJamui
Pursanda811301 BiharJamui
Rabai811315 BiharJamui
Rajala811308 BiharJamui
Ratanpur811305 BiharJamui
S Batpar811303 BiharJamui
Sahiya811308 BiharJamui
Sahora811301 BiharJamui
Saraun811303 BiharJamui
Sarsa Bichwe811315 BiharJamui
Sawal Bigha811315 BiharJamui
Sevai811305 BiharJamui
Seway811301 BiharJamui
Sijhauri811315 BiharJamui
Sikandra811315 BiharJamui
Simultala811316 BiharJamui
Sohjana811305 BiharJamui
Sono811314 BiharJamui
Sonpai811307 BiharJamui
Sugba Urown811308 BiharJamui
Suggi811307 BiharJamui
T. barajor811308 BiharJamui
T. barmasia811308 BiharJamui
T. chhapa811308 BiharJamui
Tabha811308 BiharJamui
Tal Saharsa811315 BiharJamui
Telia Dih811312 BiharJamui
Teliya Dih811305 BiharJamui
Telwa Bazar811316 BiharJamui
Tihiya811305 BiharJamui
Tola Urba811303 BiharJamui

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