Nawada Pin Code

 Pincode Details  
LocationPincode State District
Adampur803109 BiharNawada
Akaunabazar805123 BiharNawada
Andharwari805125 BiharNawada
Ankari805122 BiharNawada
Apsai805108 BiharNawada
Aranikesopur805109 BiharNawada
Arnadi805129 BiharNawada
Aruri805124 BiharNawada
Asarhi805110 BiharNawada
B Garhrampur805126 BiharNawada
Baghibardiha805104 BiharNawada
Bahadurpur805125 BiharNawada
Baijnathpur805103 BiharNawada
Bajitpur805108 BiharNawada
Baksanda805126 BiharNawada
Baksoti805121 BiharNawada
Bansgopal805125 BiharNawada
Barat Sarai805103 BiharNawada
Bargaon805122 BiharNawada
Barhauna805103 BiharNawada
Bauri805130 BiharNawada
Belar805130 BiharNawada
Bermi805104 BiharNawada
Bhadokhara805123 BiharNawada
Bhadseni805129 BiharNawada
Bhanail805121 BiharNawada
Bhatta805130 BiharNawada
Bhattagarh805107 BiharNawada
Biju Bigha805122 BiharNawada
Bilari805130 BiharNawada
Bindidih803109 BiharNawada
Birnawan805130 BiharNawada
Bisunpur805102 BiharNawada
Budhauli805124 BiharNawada
Budhwara805121 BiharNawada
Chackwai805130 BiharNawada
Chamotha805125 BiharNawada
Chauby805127 BiharNawada
Chhatihar805110 BiharNawada
Chhota Jamura805103 BiharNawada
Chhotashekhpur805103 BiharNawada
Chhoti Amawa805121 BiharNawada
Chhotipali805103 BiharNawada
D Garh itpakwa805106 BiharNawada
Dariyapur805130 BiharNawada
Datraul805124 BiharNawada
Dergoan805130 BiharNawada
Derma805110 BiharNawada
Dermobara805104 BiharNawada
Dhamani805125 BiharNawada
Dhamaul805101 BiharNawada
Dhanwan805103 BiharNawada
Dharhara805101 BiharNawada
Dhewdha805124 BiharNawada
Diri805110 BiharNawada
Dohra805109 BiharNawada
Dona805103 BiharNawada
Dosut805104 BiharNawada
Dumari805121 BiharNawada
Dumrawan805124 BiharNawada
Frahimabad805110 BiharNawada
G B kendua konihar805122 BiharNawada
Ghostama805104 BiharNawada
Giriak803109 BiharNawada
Gonawan805110 BiharNawada
Gopalpur803109 BiharNawada
Govindpur805102 BiharNawada
Gulani805124 BiharNawada
Hasapur805110 BiharNawada
Hasua805103 BiharNawada
Jalalpur805130 BiharNawada
Juri805124 BiharNawada
Kadhar805106 BiharNawada
Kadirganj805104 BiharNawada
Kahuara805109 BiharNawada
Kashichack805130 BiharNawada
Kawakol805106 BiharNawada
Kenasari805123 BiharNawada
Keshauri805124 BiharNawada
Kewaii805106 BiharNawada
Khakhari805130 BiharNawada
Khalsadhibari805104 BiharNawada
Khanpur803109 BiharNawada
Khanwan805122 BiharNawada
Kharsari805106 BiharNawada
Kochagoan805130 BiharNawada
Konadpur805124 BiharNawada
Koriauna805126 BiharNawada
Kosi805107 BiharNawada
Kosla805109 BiharNawada
Kuhila805126 BiharNawada
Kundabhalua805107 BiharNawada
Kusmuhar805126 BiharNawada
Lalbigha805108 BiharNawada
Lalpur805106 BiharNawada
Lkhamohna805121 BiharNawada
Lond805122 BiharNawada
Madhurapur805106 BiharNawada
Mahapurchhab805106 BiharNawada
Mahnadpur805110 BiharNawada
Mahrawan805107 BiharNawada
Makanpur805130 BiharNawada
Makhar805110 BiharNawada
Manjaur805130 BiharNawada
Manjhauli805127 BiharNawada
Manjhaway805129 BiharNawada
Manjhila805106 BiharNawada
Marara805107 BiharNawada
Marue805104 BiharNawada
Marwa805124 BiharNawada
Masaurha805109 BiharNawada
Merkuri805122 BiharNawada
Meskaur805122 BiharNawada
Mheshdih805121 BiharNawada
Millky805130 BiharNawada
Mosama805130 BiharNawada
Mow Bindidah803109 BiharNawada
N Purwaritola805106 BiharNawada
Nanaura805110 BiharNawada
Nardiganj805109 BiharNawada
Narhat805122 BiharNawada
Nawada Kutchery805110 BiharNawada
Nemdarganj805121 BiharNawada
Nromurar805130 BiharNawada
Ohari805104 BiharNawada
Okhariyagolab805106 BiharNawada
Oraina805123 BiharNawada
Orhanpur805123 BiharNawada
Orro805133 BiharNawada
Pachra805110 BiharNawada
Paharpur805126 BiharNawada
Paingari805130 BiharNawada
Pakaribarwan805124 BiharNawada
Parnawada805110 BiharNawada
Parwati805108 BiharNawada
Paura805104 BiharNawada
Phatehpurmore805126 BiharNawada
Phuldih805106 BiharNawada
Pithauri805110 BiharNawada
Prama805109 BiharNawada
Punther805103 BiharNawada
Purani803109 BiharNawada
Railer803109 BiharNawada
Raja Bigha805122 BiharNawada
Rajan805122 BiharNawada
Rajapur Saur805104 BiharNawada
Rajauli805125 BiharNawada
Rajhat805126 BiharNawada
Ramraichack805127 BiharNawada
Rasalpur805122 BiharNawada
Rayes805124 BiharNawada
Roh805141 BiharNawada
Rupau805107 BiharNawada
S Marighgawa805127 BiharNawada
Sabhari805123 BiharNawada
Sachaul805103 BiharNawada
Sadipur805104 BiharNawada
Sambey805130 BiharNawada
Samharigarh805104 BiharNawada
Sarkanda805102 BiharNawada
Sarsu805109 BiharNawada
Shekhodaura805106 BiharNawada
Sherpur805127 BiharNawada
Sihin805103 BiharNawada
Simariya805124 BiharNawada
Singar805125 BiharNawada
Sirdala805127 BiharNawada
Sisma805110 BiharNawada
Siur805107 BiharNawada
Sonsihari805123 BiharNawada
Spur Gowasa805122 BiharNawada
Sughari805126 BiharNawada
Sundri Dumari805106 BiharNawada
Targir805125 BiharNawada
Tetariya805122 BiharNawada
Teyar805110 BiharNawada
Tungi805129 BiharNawada
Warisaliganj805130 BiharNawada

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