Porbandar Pin Code

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LocationPincode State District
Adityana360545 GujaratPorbandar
Advana360590 GujaratPorbandar
Amar360570 GujaratPorbandar
Amardad360560 GujaratPorbandar
Amipur362620 GujaratPorbandar
Aniyari360570 GujaratPorbandar
Bagvadar360590 GujaratPorbandar
Bakharla360579 GujaratPorbandar
Balej362230 GujaratPorbandar
Bapodar360570 GujaratPorbandar
Bhad360576 GujaratPorbandar
Bhadula362620 GujaratPorbandar
Bharvada360590 GujaratPorbandar
Bhavpara360579 GujaratPorbandar
Bhetakadi360590 GujaratPorbandar
Bhod360550 GujaratPorbandar
Bhodadar360570 GujaratPorbandar
Bhomiyavadar360510 GujaratPorbandar
Bileshwar360550 GujaratPorbandar
Bokhira360579 GujaratPorbandar
Boricha360545 GujaratPorbandar
Chauta362650 GujaratPorbandar
Chhatrava362650 GujaratPorbandar
Chhaya360578 GujaratPorbandar
Degam360579 GujaratPorbandar
Devda362650 GujaratPorbandar
Dharampur360560 GujaratPorbandar
Divrana362220 GujaratPorbandar
Erda360576 GujaratPorbandar
Farer362620 GujaratPorbandar
Fatana360590 GujaratPorbandar
Fulrama362220 GujaratPorbandar
Garej360576 GujaratPorbandar
Ghodadar362230 GujaratPorbandar
Gokran362650 GujaratPorbandar
Gosa360576 GujaratPorbandar
Ishwaria362650 GujaratPorbandar
Jamboo360570 GujaratPorbandar
Jamra362620 GujaratPorbandar
Juthal362245 GujaratPorbandar
Kadachh362230 GujaratPorbandar
Kadegi362620 GujaratPorbandar
Kansabad362620 GujaratPorbandar
Kavalkva362620 GujaratPorbandar
Khageshri362650 GujaratPorbandar
Khambhodara360590 GujaratPorbandar
Khapat360579 GujaratPorbandar
Khistri360579 GujaratPorbandar
Kindarkheda360590 GujaratPorbandar
Kotda362650 GujaratPorbandar
Kuchhdi360579 GujaratPorbandar
Kutiyana362650 GujaratPorbandar
Madhavpur362230 GujaratPorbandar
Mahiyari362620 GujaratPorbandar
Mahobatpara362650 GujaratPorbandar
Majivana360590 GujaratPorbandar
Mal362650 GujaratPorbandar
Malanka360490 GujaratPorbandar
Mander362230 GujaratPorbandar
Mandva362650 GujaratPorbandar
Mitrala360576 GujaratPorbandar
Miyani360579 GujaratPorbandar
Moddar362650 GujaratPorbandar
Modhvada360590 GujaratPorbandar
Mokal360570 GujaratPorbandar
Morana360590 GujaratPorbandar
Mul Madhavpur362230 GujaratPorbandar
Nagka360579 GujaratPorbandar
Navibandar360576 GujaratPorbandar
Odadar360576 GujaratPorbandar
Osa362220 GujaratPorbandar
Pandavadar360579 GujaratPorbandar
Pasvali362650 GujaratPorbandar
Pata362230 GujaratPorbandar
Piplana362610 GujaratPorbandar
Porbandar360575 GujaratPorbandar
Porbandar Birla sagar360576 GujaratPorbandar
Porbandar G.i.d.c.360577 GujaratPorbandar
Ranabordi360570 GujaratPorbandar
Ranakandorana360570 GujaratPorbandar
Ranakhirasara360570 GujaratPorbandar
Ranavav360550 GujaratPorbandar
Ranavav Railway station360560 GujaratPorbandar
Ratdi360579 GujaratPorbandar
Ratia360576 GujaratPorbandar
Sandha362220 GujaratPorbandar
Segras362650 GujaratPorbandar
Shingda360590 GujaratPorbandar
Simar360510 GujaratPorbandar
Sisli360590 GujaratPorbandar
Sodhana360590 GujaratPorbandar
Thoyana360570 GujaratPorbandar
Tukda Gosa360576 GujaratPorbandar
Tukda Miyan360579 GujaratPorbandar
Vadala Rana360590 GujaratPorbandar
Vadvalarana360570 GujaratPorbandar
Valotra360570 GujaratPorbandar
Visavada360579 GujaratPorbandar

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Last Updated on : November 30, 2015



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