Faridabad Pin Code

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LocationPincode State District
Aharwan121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Alawalpur121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Ali Meo121106 HaryanaFaridabad
Alika121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Alipur121101 HaryanaFaridabad
Amarnagar121003 HaryanaFaridabad
Amarpur121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Amroli121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Anangpur121003 HaryanaFaridabad
Andhop121106 HaryanaFaridabad
Asaota121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Asaoti121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Atali121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Aurangabad121105 HaryanaFaridabad
Badarpur Syed121101 HaryanaFaridabad
Baghola121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Bahin121105 HaryanaFaridabad
Ballabgarh121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Bamni Khera121105 HaryanaFaridabad
Banchari121106 HaryanaFaridabad
Banswa121107 HaryanaFaridabad
Baroli121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Bhainsrawali121101 HaryanaFaridabad
Bhandoli121107 HaryanaFaridabad
Bhaskola121002 HaryanaFaridabad
Bhiduki121107 HaryanaFaridabad
Bhuvapur121101 HaryanaFaridabad
Chandpur121101 HaryanaFaridabad
Chant121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Chawla Colony ballabgarh121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Chhainsa121103 HaryanaFaridabad
Chhajju Nagar121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Dayalpur121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Deeg121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Dhatir121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Dhauj121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Dighot121105 HaryanaFaridabad
Escortsnagar Faridabad121007 HaryanaFaridabad
Factory Area faridabad121001 HaryanaFaridabad
Faridabad City121002 HaryanaFaridabad
Faridabad Nit121001 HaryanaFaridabad
Faridpur121101 HaryanaFaridabad
Fatehpur Billoch121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Fatehpur Tagga121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Feroz Gandhi nagar faridabad121001 HaryanaFaridabad
G.T. road faridabad121006 HaryanaFaridabad
Gadpuri121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Gehlab121103 HaryanaFaridabad
Gharrot121103 HaryanaFaridabad
Ghori121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Gonchhi121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Gorota121106 HaryanaFaridabad
Grain Market palwal121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Gulawad121107 HaryanaFaridabad
Gurukul Indraprashtha121011 HaryanaFaridabad
Hassanpur121107 HaryanaFaridabad
Hathin121103 HaryanaFaridabad
Hodal121106 HaryanaFaridabad
Hurithal121103 HaryanaFaridabad
Industrial Area faridabad121001 HaryanaFaridabad
Jaindapur121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Janauli121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Jawahar Colony faridabad121005 HaryanaFaridabad
Jawahar Nagar palwal121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Jawan121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Katesara121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Khaika121106 HaryanaFaridabad
Khambi121106 HaryanaFaridabad
Khatela Sarai121105 HaryanaFaridabad
Kheri Kalan121002 HaryanaFaridabad
Kondal121103 HaryanaFaridabad
Kot121103 HaryanaFaridabad
Kurali121101 HaryanaFaridabad
Likhi121107 HaryanaFaridabad
Lohina121106 HaryanaFaridabad
Machhgar121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Madnaka121103 HaryanaFaridabad
Malai121103 HaryanaFaridabad
Mandkola121103 HaryanaFaridabad
Manjhawali121101 HaryanaFaridabad
Manpur121105 HaryanaFaridabad
Marraoli121106 HaryanaFaridabad
Mathura Road faridabad121003 HaryanaFaridabad
Mohna121004 HaryanaFaridabad
N.I.f.m. faridabad121001 HaryanaFaridabad
N.T.p.c./sector-10 faridabad121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Nangal Jat121105 HaryanaFaridabad
Neemka121004 HaryanaFaridabad
New Township palwal121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Nh-2 Faridabad121001 HaryanaFaridabad
Nh-3 Faridabad121001 HaryanaFaridabad
Nh-4 Faridabad121001 HaryanaFaridabad
Nhpc Colony faridabad121010 HaryanaFaridabad
Pali121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Palwal121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Panhera Khurd121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Pingore121105 HaryanaFaridabad
Press Colony faridabad121005 HaryanaFaridabad
Prithla121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Rasulpur121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Rupraka121103 HaryanaFaridabad
Sagarpur121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Sector-12 Faridabad121007 HaryanaFaridabad
Sector-15 Faridabad121007 HaryanaFaridabad
Sector-16 Faridabad121002 HaryanaFaridabad
Sector-16a Faridabad121002 HaryanaFaridabad
Sector-18 Faridabad121002 HaryanaFaridabad
Sector-22 Faridabad121005 HaryanaFaridabad
Sector-29 Faridabad121008 HaryanaFaridabad
Sector-3 Faridabad121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Sector-7 Faridabad121006 HaryanaFaridabad
Sector-8 Faridabad121006 HaryanaFaridabad
Sector-9 Faridabad121006 HaryanaFaridabad
Seekri121004 HaryanaFaridabad
Seoli121105 HaryanaFaridabad
Siaroli121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Sihol121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Sondh121106 HaryanaFaridabad
Surajkund Faridabad121009 HaryanaFaridabad
Tappa Bilochpur121107 HaryanaFaridabad
Teekri Brahman121102 HaryanaFaridabad
Tigaon121101 HaryanaFaridabad
Tilpat121003 HaryanaFaridabad
Uttawar121103 HaryanaFaridabad

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Last Updated on : November 30, 2015

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