Mohali Pin Code

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LocationPincode State District
Allahpur140103 PunjabMohali
Bajheri140413 PunjabMohali
Baraudi140110 PunjabMohali
Bassian Brahman140413 PunjabMohali
Bhago Majra140307 PunjabMohali
Burmajra140103 PunjabMohali
Chintgarh140103 PunjabMohali
Cholta Khurd140301 PunjabMohali
Chudiala Sudan140307 PunjabMohali
Daon140301 PunjabMohali
Daun Majra140301 PunjabMohali
Dhanauri140103 PunjabMohali
Dharamgarh140306 PunjabMohali
Dhurali140306 PunjabMohali
Geega Majra140307 PunjabMohali
Gharuan140413 PunjabMohali
Hoshiarpur Takkipur140110 PunjabMohali
Hoshiarpur Taqipur140110 PunjabMohali
Jandpur140301 PunjabMohali
Jayanti Devi140901 PunjabMohali
Jhanjeri140307 PunjabMohali
Jhingran Kalan140103 PunjabMohali
Kaishanpura140103 PunjabMohali
Kalewal140103 PunjabMohali
Kharar140301 PunjabMohali
Khizrabad West140109 PunjabMohali
Kubaheri140109 PunjabMohali
Kumbra140308 PunjabMohali
Kurali140103 PunjabMohali
Landran140307 PunjabMohali
Manakpur Sharif140110 PunjabMohali
Manauli140306 PunjabMohali
Marauli Kalan140413 PunjabMohali
Mauli Baidwan140308 PunjabMohali
Mote Majra140306 PunjabMohali
Mullanpur140901 PunjabMohali
Mundhon Kalan140103 PunjabMohali
Naya Gaon160103 PunjabMohali
Naya Shehar140301 PunjabMohali
Palheri140301 PunjabMohali
Parol140901 PunjabMohali
Phatwan140110 PunjabMohali
Radiala140301 PunjabMohali
Raipur Kalan140306 PunjabMohali
Rani Majra140901 PunjabMohali
Rasanheri140307 PunjabMohali
Roorkee Pukhta140301 PunjabMohali
Sahauran140104 PunjabMohali
Sakrulapur140413 PunjabMohali
Saneta140306 PunjabMohali
Sector 55 chandigarh160055 PunjabMohali
Sector 56 chandigarh160055 PunjabMohali
Sector 59 chandigarh160059 PunjabMohali
Sector 60 chandigarh160059 PunjabMohali
Sector 61160062 PunjabMohali
Sector 62 chandigarh160062 PunjabMohali
Sector 65 chandigarh160062 PunjabMohali
Sector 67 chandigarh160062 PunjabMohali
Sector 71 chandigarh160071 PunjabMohali
Sialba Majri140110 PunjabMohali
Sihon Majra140103 PunjabMohali
Singhpura140103 PunjabMohali
Siswan140110 PunjabMohali
Sohana140308 PunjabMohali
Sotal140103 PunjabMohali
T.C.kharar140301 PunjabMohali
Tewar140301 PunjabMohali

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Last Updated on : November 30, 2015

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