Ministries & Departments of Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu Government is efficiently run under the Chief Minister, Governor and the different ministers of the state. The capital of the state is Chennai. It is one of the southern most state of India. The total area of Tamil Nadu is 130,058 square kilometers and it has a population of 55 million.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is Dr. Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi. He is one of the founder members of DMK and had been selected a President of DMK 1969 onwards. He represented the State Assembly for a number of times in his political career. Karunanidhi has been the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from 1969 to 71, 1971 to 76, 1989 to 91 and 1996 to 2001.

The Governor of Tamil Nadu is Mr Surjit Singh Barnala. He was elected the MLA and remained in the Barnala Assembly Constituency till 1999. Later, he became the Education Minister of Punjab. In the later years, he was selected as an MP during the tenure of Morarji Desai. He became the Chief Minister of Punjab in 1985. In 2004, he was again selected the Governor of Tamil Nadu for a second time.

Some of ministries and their departments are mentioned here:

Ministries and Departements

The Tamil Nadu ministries are alloted under the supervision of the council of ministers. There are different ministries under which lie the different departments. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. M. Karunanidhi is himself responsible for the development of the Public Ministry, General Administration, Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Other All India Services, Prevention of Corruption, District Revenue Officers, Home, Police, Industries, Information Technology, Prohibition and Excise, Molasses, Minorities Welfare, Tamil Official Language & Tamil Culture and the Passports and Special Initiatives departments.

The Finance Minister of the state, Prof. K. Anbazhagan is responsible for the departments of Finance, Planning, Legislative Assembly and Elections.

The Ministry of Electricity has the Electricity, Non-Conventional Energy Development and Personnel and Administrative Reforms departments allotted under it.

The Tamil Nadu Government has the Ministry for Rural Development and Local Administration under which lie the various departments of Municipal Administration, Rural Development, Panchayats and Panchayat Unions, Poverty Alleviation Programs, Rural Indebtedness and Urban and Rural Water Supply.

Another chief ministry of the Tamil Nadu state is the Ministry of Agriculture. Under this ministry lie the various departments of Agricultural Engineering, Agro Service Cooperatives, Horticulture, Sugarcane Cess, Sugarcane Development and Waste Land Development.

Thiru Durai Murugan, is the Minister for Public Works and Law. He supervises the departments of Irrigation including Minor Irrigation, Program Works and Law and Courts

The Ministry of Rural Industries include the small and cottage industries departments as well.


At present, the Tamil Nadu Governor is Konijeti Rosaiah. Konijeti Rosaiah also served in various positions including the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Prior to becoming the Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri Rosaiah was an MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly), MLC (Member of Legislative Council), and MP (Member of Parliament), representing the Indian National Congress.

Chief Minister

Present tenure of Tamil Nadu's Chief Minister

The tenure of Tamil Nadu's present Chief Minister is of 3 months. Dr. Selvi J. Jayalalithaa was elected as the Chief Minister on 16th May, 2011. This is the fourth tenure of Dr. Selvi J. Jayalalithaa as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu though.

Which political group does Dr. Selvi J. Jayalalithaa belong to?

Dr. Selvi J. Jayalalithaa belongs to a Dravidian party named AIADMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam).

What are the other names of Selvi J. Jayalalithaa?

Dr. Selvi J. Jayalalithaa was commonly referred as "Amma", which means "Mother"and is called as "Puratchi Thalaivi" by her fellow members and supporters. "Puratchi Thalaivi" in English means "Revolutionary Leader". She is even regarded as the "Iron Lady of India".

Where and when was Selvi J. Jayalalithaa born?

Dr. Selvi J. Jayalalithaa was born on 24th February, 1948 in Mysore in the state of Karnataka.

Educational qualification of Dr. Selvi J. Jayalalithaa

Besides holding a Matriculation Degree, Selvi J. Jayalalithaa was honoured by D.Ltt. (Degree of Doctor of Literature).

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