Tamil Nadu Economy

The Economy of Tamil Nadu is one of the most dependable, consistent and developing of our country. The state of Tamil Nadu offers one with very bright picture of a progressive economy. The state is well equipped with all the needed infrastructural support to boast economic growth and enhance industrial development of the state. Tamil Nadu has maintained a perfect balance between agricultural production and industrial development.

The state is well equipped with all needed infrastructure that will boast of further development in the state.

Transportation in Tamil Nadu is easy and comfortable. The state is well accessible by air, road and railways. The Tamil Nadu Road transport looks after the proper maintenance of the roads. Tamil Nadu is probably the only state with a surplus of electricity generation which is possible because of the vast reserve of Energy and Power that is harnessed for further development of the state.

The telecommunication system of Tamil Nadu is a highly developed one which enables the people to communicate with anybody and everybody with ease and convenience. Most of the people of Tamil Nadu depend on agriculture. The farmers use technologically aided methods to boost up agricultural productivity and improve the quality of crops.


Tamil Nadu has many industries that strengthen the economic structure of the state. Tamil Nadu is one of the leading industrial state of India. The state of Tamil Nadu earns lots of revenue from the industrial products. With its skilled and highly educated man power, and an excellent infrastructural support, the state of Tamil Nadu is the fifth largest economy of India.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has taken several steps in the recent years to boast up the industrial development in the state. Apart from large scale industrial units, the state has many medium and small units that form the backbone of the economy of the state.


Agriculture continues to be one of the main occupation of the people of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is blessed with a fertile land that has helped in the agricultural growth of the state and the establishment of many agriculture related industries. Tamil nadu has many perennial rivers that makes the region suitable to grow multiple crops. The state is one of the leading producer of cash crops of India that helps the state to earn lots of revenue.

Banking and Finance

Banks & Financial Institutions of Tamil Nadu strives to provide the best of monetary services to the people of the region. With a wide network of active branches, the Banking and Financial industry of the place conveniently meets the transactional and non-transactional demands of individuals and companies.

From Government-owned Banks to privately run Financial Institutions, Tamil Nadu has all kinds of banking sectors. The well-known and age-old State Bank of India has its operational branches in every city of Tamil Nadu. Also, the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. is a significant Financial Institution in the region that is involved in providing monetary support to various industrial sectors of the place.


Tamilnadu Tourism holds a special place in India’s tour landscape. Known to be the land of serene beaches and panoramic valleys, Tamilnadu welcomes all with its infinite reserve of natural beauty. Situated on the southern corner of the country, the place is visited by large number of foreign tourists. The endless special appeals of Tamilnadu not only make it an obvious choice of holiday destination but also extend its aesthetic credibility to the outer world.

The sandy beaches, the tranquil sheds of coconut and date palm tress, the jubilant people, all these collectively make Tamilnadu the perfect paradise of enjoyment and relaxation.

Last Updated on 1/17/2011