People of Amritsar

The people of Amritsar have a tradition of a rich culture. The people are proud of the rich heritage of their city. Amritsar people mainly follow the religion of Sikhism. They have a very eventful history and they have fought many battles in the past against the foreign races. The people have been very brave while the many struggles that they have gone through. These battles have left strong impact on the people of Amritsar. The people in the city of Amritsar are very brave by nature.

The whole of India respects the gallantry and valor of the citizens of Amritsar City. The public of Punjab and especially the natives of Amritsar have displayed extreme courageousness in fighting the foreign people like the Mughals, Pathans and the then British. They have encouraged and inspired the whole of the nation to stand up and fight for a cause. The Sikhs are well known for their stalwart stature and strong athletic build. They are by nature hardy and hard working people and they gain the best even from an unfavorable condition.

The region in and around the city of Amritsar is known as Majha and it is aptly called Mukut Mani, which means the most precious stone in the crown. The people of Amritsar are patriotic and many of the military people of the Indian Army are from Amritsar. They have played a very important role in the National Freedom Movement and some of their landmark steps are the Kooka Movement and the Akali Movement.