Arunachal Pradesh Culture

Arunachal Pradesh culture is varied and changes from one place to another. Although most tribes in Arunachal Pradesh descend from the same Mongoloid stock, they have developed indigenous cultural identities over the years. The culture of Arunachal Pradesh, despite their variance, can be divided into three broad cultural groups. Culture in Arunachal Pradesh manifest themselves in the rituals, belief systems and the festivals of each group.

The Buddhist Culture of Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh culture has a strong presence of Buddhism. The Mahayana sect of Buddhism is practiced by the inhabitants of certain groups. These largely agrarian communities live in villages which abound in Buddhist style buildings and houses. Their religious fervor is notable, especially exhibited in their adherence to the ancient script that they carried all the way from their original homeland. The groups that follow this culture at Arunachal Pradesh are:

  • Monpas
  • Sherdukpens
  • Inhabitants of the West Kemang region

The Animist Culture

This branch of Arunachal Pradesh culture adheres to a unique mix of animism and ancestor worship. The sun and the moon are seen to be the original ancestors of these groups. The festivals and the rituals are held on special solar and lunar occasions. The rituals involve athletic displays of physical skill and animal sacrifice is not uncommon. Some of the ethnic people who adhere to this form of culture at Arunachal Pradesh are:

  • Akas
  • Banginis
  • Mishmis
  • Mijis
  • Adis
  • Thongsas

The Vaishnavite Culture

The third prominent cultural group in Arunachal Pradesh follow a very basic and rudimentary form Vaishnivism. They live in villages, which are governed by a strict code of hierarchy, with the head of the village still occupying a significant position. The groups follow this brand of Arunachal Pradesh culture are:
  • Noctes
  • Wanchos

Last Updated on 09 March 2013