Food of Bikaner

Food of Bikaner consists of a wholesome palate of such dishes as pakodi, gatta ki sabji, khata, papad, mangodi and many others. Bikaner is a dry place hence most of the dishes of Bikaner come in dried version. However, buttermilk and butter are used in considerable amount in almost all the recipes of Bikaner.

Lentils in dried form, corn, bajia and ker are some of the basic ingredients that are commonly used in the cuisines of Bikaner. Alu bhujiya is a popular dish of Bikaner which is cooked with sufficient amount of special Rajasthani spices.

The badi and papad or wafers of Bikaner are also quite popular because of their crispy taste. Out of the various sweet dishes, chutney and rabdi of Bikaner are quite famous. Apart from the local inhabitants, tourists who come to visit the different parts of Rajasthan , often appreciate the taste of the desserts of Bikaner.

Roti and kheechdi comprises of the main meals of Bikaner. Due to the scarcity of water, the growth of vegetables is not enough to meet the food requirements of each and every household of Bikaner. As such the people of Bikaner, like other parts of Rajasthan, opt for dried foods and even for some non-vegetarian dishes.

The spices used in the food items of Bikaner are all locally made and hence there is 100% surety of quality. Also, the pure spices further enhance the taste value of the food of Bikaner.

There is no denying the fact that the lip-smacking variety of food is a prime feature of the culture of Bikaner.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011