Kolyat Fair

Kolyat Fair is held in the Kartik month of the Hindu calender year in Bikaner. The Kolyat lake and a temple, both at a distance of eight km from the main city of Bikaner, are the places where the fair is organized every year.

People from far and near places come to the Kolyat lake to take a dip on the full moon day. Apart from tourists of Indian origin, visitors from other countries also frequent Bikaner specially during the festive months.

The temple of Kolyatji is regarded as one of the holiest of Hindu pilgrimage sites in Rajasthan . The historic past of the Kolyat shrine speaks of the arrival of the ancient sage Kapil Muni who meditated in the place.

Ever since the sacred tapasya or meditation of Kapil Muni, Kolyat became a pious site of Bikaner where thousands of pilgrims gather every year during the fair.

From the streets to the people, the spirit of enthusiasm can be seen in every corner of Bikaner during the Kolyat fair.

On reaching the Kolyat temple, the local inhabitants of Bikaner offer their prayers to the feet of the presiding deity and seek its blessings.

It is said that taking a bath in the Kolyat lake makes the soul of the people free from all kinds of sin.

Being a city of infinite celebrations, Bikaner is visited by huge number of tourists. Known as one of the places where religion and culture have a fine blend, Bikaner attracts the attention of people belonging to diverse faiths and religions. Among the various Bikaner fairs and festivals Kolyat is a significant one.

The historical records of Rajasthan states that there has been an ancient tradition in Bikaner of celebrating the Kolyat fair.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011