Indian Institute of Petroleum Dehradun

The Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP ) at Dehradun comprises one of the laboratories under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). It shifted from New Delhi to Mohkampur in East Dehradun in 1964. In establishing the institute in 1959, assistance was provided by the French Institute of Petroleum (IFP).

Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP) Major Activities

  • developing processes and products for petroleum refining and petrochemical industries
  • providing technical services
  • conducting research
  • training personnel
  • determining standards for petroleum products
The Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP ) at Dehradun is an important training center for recruits to the oil and petrochemical industry. It was one of the first institutes to assign Bureau of Indian Standards in determining the quality of petroleum products. It is now a global organization with an annual budget of more than Rs 1,100 lakhs. It has recently been endowed with ISO-9001 status by Det Norske Veritas, an international certification body based in Netherlands. IIP has transferred its technologies to about 28 companies countrywide. The institute employs around 600 people, scientific and technical, in 100 projects each year.

Research and Development is currently being conducted in

  • Refining Technology
  • Chemical and Bio-technology
  • Analytical Sciences
  • Petroleum Products Application
  • Engineering Services
Technological forecasting for petroleum industry is one of the responsibilities of the Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP ). It helps industries select the best foreign technologies and develop indigenous technologies. Monetary aid from UNIDO and UNDP have improved the various research and development facilities of the institute. It has established a strong foundation for developing processes right from bench-scale operations to the pilot plant stage, simultaneously pursuing extensive basic research to achieve these objectives.

The Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP ) of Dehradun is the principal institute of research and development in petroleum-based products and services.

Last Updated on 14 March 2013