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Amusement Parks in Delhi

Amusement parks in Delhi provide you with fun and frolic so as to help you to rejuvenate from your worldly tensions and tiredness. You can enjoy at the amusement parks in Delhi with your family or friends.

Amusement parks in Delhi are located in different parts of Delhi. Some of the amusement parks at Delhi are maintained by the Delhi Government while some of them are privately owned. Three of the prominent amusement parks in Delhi are as follows :

Children's Park

This is located near India Gate and the lush green lawns are a pleasure to sit in. Since its a children's park, there are several swings and other attractions for children. Do visit this park in the evening to see it amidst the glitters of the colorful lights.

Appu Ghar

It is not only the first amusement park in Delhi but in the whole of India. It is located in Pragati Maidan. Appu Ghar is a host not only to different types of rides but also to eating joints, gift shops and other attractions. Recently it has started a new water park where you can enjoy in the scorching summer while for the winters it organizes Ice Games. It also hosts a mini Disneyland where the little kids make fun.

Fun 'N' Food Village

Fun 'N' Food Village at Delhi is the perfect destination for one to recreate with his family. It is not an usual amusement park with joy rides but also hosts some markets that offer you some traditional crafts work. Regular cultural activities like traditional folk dances and dramas from different parts of the country are organized here.

Last Updated on 1 March 2013