How to Prepare for AIEEE Exams

Preparing for AIEEE is a challenge unto itself. The questions are on applied science and each question encompasses within itself several concepts which must be decoded and incorporated in the procedure of finding a solution. The following ten tips might help an individual to find this solution and make it to AIEEE:

Exam Preparation Tips for AIEEE

Tip #1

The skill most required for clearing the examination is error free and quick calculation, in other words speed with accuracy is the key to success.

Tip #2

Computational skill is very important for mathematics as it helps in avoiding errors committed due to carelessness. All candidates should re-check answers before writing it finally as there is negative marking for every wrong answer.

Tip #3

More than anything else AIEEE is the test of your mental set-up. One needs to be a planner, by keeping in mind their strengths and weaknesses, and with the time available they should have a meticulous plan of study. Set up milestones according to months, weeks, days and hours.

Tip #4

The candidates must simplify the calculations but must avoid jumping steps as they can lead to faulty calculations and wrong answers. They should rely on classroom knowledge and perfection of the fundamentals of the subject.

Tip #5

A person attempting for AIEEE exam should be a person of determination and strong will power, who executes the plans steadfastly and thoroughly. Remember! Making a plan and not acting upon that will never take you anywhere.

Tip #6

The basics should be well known to the students, because once that is deciphered, the rest is not difficult. Often, students commit mistake while understanding the question and the concepts which have helped assemble the question.

Tip #7

Don't unnecessarily take guidance and advice from others. Figure out exactly where you are stuck and search for the answer from reliable sources i.e. teachers, books or magazines. Have your own impression of everything as the question could be anything related to subjects, your attitude etc.

Tip #8

The candidates must have thorough knowledge of the subjects as they are tested twice for the same subjects. They must have aptitude for science and a love for solving problems..

Tip #9

High power of concentration is a must for students appearing for AIEEE because they require working with absolute perfection in order to arrive at the correct answer.

Tip #10

Lastly, never give up your preparation. Those who make to the cut-off are the ones who try till the last day and remain in the battle till the end. So, don't stop when you are feeling desperate, just take a break, re-energize yourself and start moving again.

Last Updated on : February 10, 2016

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