How to Prepare for AIPMT

AIPMT stands for "All India Pre Medical Test" and is an examination which is held annually in India. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) conducts this examination. This examination is held for the students hoping to seek admission in MBBS and BDS courses in various medical colleges in the country.

Preparation Tips for All India Pre Medical Test

Tip #1

The AIPMT is a two level examination. The first level of which consist of 200 multiple choice questions, out of which 100 are from Biology. Whereas the second level (given by only those candidates who clear the first level) consist of 20 questions of five marks each and 100 multiple questions. So one should practice the model MCQ's well.

Tip #2

One of the most important topics for any PMT exam is Biology. 100 out of 200 multiple choice questions in AIPMT first level is from Biology. Candidates appearing for AIPMT should be thorough with Biology.

Tip #3

Candidates should prepare from a number of books and study material but they should not confuse and strain themselves by leaving one book incomplete and starting a new one. They should take up one book at a time and study is thoroughly.

Tip #4

Though 50% of the exam consists of Biology, Physics and Chemistry should not be neglected. Candidates may study NCERT books for both.

Tip #5

One should make a revising pattern which suits one's brain and capacity and should not blindly follow other's schedule. It is always good to have the formulas and key points handy (i.e. all written on a small paper together which can be revised time to time).

Tip #6

Time management is one technique students appearing for any and every exam should learn. AIPMT first level has 200 questions which are to be attempted in 3 hours that is 180 minutes, which leaves only about 50-55 seconds per questions. A candidate should not waste time on the questions which appear difficult to them or which they are unable to solve, instead they should move further.

Tip #7

One should not panic or take stress if he/she happens to miss some questions that are a part of an exam. Even the toppers don't know 10-15% of questions. So it's absolutely okay to move forward if a question is time-consuming in order to attempt the remaining. Panic and stress is the number one killer of scoring marks.

Tip #8

Mock-Tests and sample papers are one of the best to practice. One should go for the last 5-10 years question papers for practice. It not only gives a good practice but also gives an idea to the students about how the question paper is going to be.

Tip #9

Though mock test are important, practicing them is more effective if they are done at the end of the preparation. First the candidate should finish his/her preparation and then go for these mock-papers and improve gradually.

Tip #10

After preparation, one should concentrate on improving the strike rate and accuracy rate by practicing more.

Last Updated on : February 10, 2016