How to Prepare for LLB Entrance Exam

LLB is the abbreviation for the undergraduate course, Bachelor of Laws. It is the first professional degree in the field of Law. LLB entrance is the examination held for the students seeking admission to various national law colleges and institutes on the basis of merit.

How to Prepare for LLB Entrance Exam

Tip #1
Law is a subject which needs a lot of crucial years of your life to be able to make a good career in it. So firstly be sure of the subject and career and then begin with complete confidence in order to give your best.

Tip #2
There is no particular time to start the preparation. It's never too late since you have to pay special attention to your English language, correct logic and quick comprehending ability.

Tip #3
One should be well aware of not only the pattern but also the nature of the exam. For instance, Static GK is not what is to be focused rather the current affairs should be paid special attention. To give another example, critical reasoning may be seen much more than logical reasoning. So the students should consult a good teacher/guide for such details.

Tip #4
Also it is important for the candidate to know the various factors of the paper and prepare accordingly, which are, critical and logical reasoning, reading speed, quick comprehending, accuracy, current affairs and mathematics.

Tip #5
The candidates must follow a good action plan so that their efforts are not wasted and are directed in the right way. Understand the pattern of the paper and divide the subjects and then accordingly start covering each topic thoroughly. Also apart from the factual theories, some basic abilities should be taken care of daily, for e.g. Current affairs, practicing logical and critical reasoning.

Tip #6
For preparing the General Knowledge, current affairs well, try and study in a group. This will help you discover new things and share your knowledge and generally group studies help you retain more.

Tip #7
Since the course is vast and not that easy, stay self-motivated. Whenever you feel a bit detached from the preparation tell yourself why you chose this career and don't let your confidence go.

Tip #8
Appear for more and more mock test in order to check your speed and accuracy.

Tip #9
If you plan to join any preparation institute, be sure of there authenticity and choose only after a good amount of research. Don't join more than one institute. Choosing more training institutes is most likely to confuse you.

Tip #10
Do not sit for hours and hours at a stretch. Take short breaks in between in order to relax your mind. This helps you memorize more.

Last Updated on : March 23, 2016

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