How to Prepare for PCS

PCS stands for Provincial Civil Services. The PCS exams are conducted by the Public Service Commissions of the various states of India. The state civil servants are under the control of the State government and an officer of one particular state cannot be transferred to another state.

Top 10 Exam Preparation Tips for PCS

Tip #1
Since these exams are conducted by the Public Service Commissions of each state, the candidate should be well aware of the history and geography of that particular state.

Tip #2
Since PCS is a civil service exam, the candidates should be ready for a tough competition and should be mentally prepared to put in a good amount of hard work.

Tip #3
Though the exam is a state exam, one must have basic knowledge of the latest happenings in the country. For that, the candidates must start following at least one national newspaper, in order to keep themselves well acquainted with the happenings in the country as well as the world.

Tip #4
The candidates should pay special attention towards enhancing their general knowledge and should be ready to learn new things.

Tip #5
For the interview, the candidates should have good knowledge of the regional language, culture and customs of the state. This adds to your credit.

Tip #6
The candidates should pick the last few years' question papers and try to solve them. This will give them an idea of the pattern and make them comfortable with it.

Tip #7
It is a plus point to be guided by an experienced candidate or a good teacher who can direct your efforts correctly.

Tip #8
Candidates should keep appearing for the mock papers and should keep a check on the time because it is very important to attempt all questions in the required time.

Tip #9
It is advisable for the students to appear for both the PCS and UPSC exams simultaneously because the syllabus is almost same with a slight difference.

Tip #10
Complete the syllabus a month in advance. Use the final month for a thorough revision.

Last Updated on : February 15, 2019