How to Prepare for PhD

Doctor of Philosophy is abbreviated as Ph.D. PhD. is a doctorate degree regarding which there are different rules in different countries. A master's degree is a must to get admission in a Ph.d program in India. Also it is mandatory in some prestigious universities to clear NET (National Ability Test) for an admission in the PhD.

Top 10 Preparation Tips for PhD

Tip #1
There are various myths regarding the PhD. program which need to be erased from your mind. You need not be a genius for a PhD. Only sincere and continuous efforts can get make you successful.

Tip #2
People should not burden themselves by setting an impractical and impossible level believing that PhD. research has to be the best piece of their life. Proper research and honest views is all what is required.

Tip #3
Completing a PhD. needs too much of dedication and consistency. So one must be ready to put in a good amount of hard work.

Tip #4
If you plan to achieve a Ph.D. degree you need to pay attention to your subject in the undergraduate and postgraduate course. This will develop your base and help you do well in the subject for your Ph.D. So start as early as possible.

Tip #5
Proper guidance is a must for a Ph.D. for which one must consult his/her professors and teachers.

Tip #6
Students should pick up and read thesis and research work of the learned people or their seniors in order to learn a proper technique of writing.

Tip #7
By the time one has to appear for the Ph.D. entrance he/she attains a certain level of confidence but despite of that there should be no leniency in the preparation.

Tip #8
The students must go for preparation classes if necessary but before choosing any training institute, one must do enough research in order to choose the best classes.

Tip #9
Also, once you choose your field you should start from the very beginning to know almost everything about the subject. You shouldn't wait for any classes for it.

Tip #10
The most important for a Ph.D. is self-study. At the Ph.D. level you can not be taught word by word. One needs to start on his/her own.

Last Updated on : January 19, 2016

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