How to Prepare for Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are analytical ways of calculating how people accomplish tasks or react to different situations. They have homogenized methods of conduction and scoring, due to which results can be measured and correlated with others at the same tests. Administered on computers, these tests help in confirming the professional and personal skills of a person.

Preparation Tips for Aptitude Test

Tip #1
As is rightly said "When you are not practicing, remember, someone somewhere is practicing and when you meet him he will win". Practice as much as you can and familiarize yourself with the types of questions so that there won't be any surprises on D-Day and it'll also help you know your areas of improvement.

Tip #2
Be specific on your preparation, know very well what you are preparing for and concentrate on it specifically.

Tip #3
To decide with the winner and loser in the aptitude tests results, it is not only about whether you are able to answer the questions or not. It depends on how fast you are able to answer them. And in order to be the winner, one should work on their speed with dedication.

Tip #4
Books are said to be a man's best friend. Students need to get the best books available in the market and thoroughly practice for their aptitude test. Try and solve as many sample tests, puzzles and quizzes available, in order to master the test.

Tip #5
Don't ever stick to one question. If you feel that you are having difficulties in a particular question, leave that and move on to others. There is no point in losing the opportunity to answer questions that you know over the ones that you don't.

Tip #6
Aptitude tests are cleared only with a fresh mind and body. Students need to understand that they need at least 6 hours of sleep everyday and that there is no need to sit through a whole night especially the day before the exam.

Tip #7
Ask whenever in doubt. If you get stuck while practicing or are unsure of types of questions being asked, always make it a habit of consulting with your seniors or anyone else who is experienced enough.

Tip #8
In order to prepare for such a test, one should first relax and not worry about the test too much. The person should not be nervous or stressed out as this test is conducted to check what one already knows and if he/she has the right skills.

Tip #9
One can get through any aptitude test if he gets 60% of the questions right. So in order to get your 60% always give the first 5 minutes to plan your approach i.e. don't just start immediately after receiving the paper. Scrutinize the paper for 5 minutes and make an approximate calculation of how many questions can be solved in the given time.

Tip #10
Students are advised to not make any assumptions while attempting the test as it gives a wrong impression of the student. Leave the question if you don't know the answer for sure but don't try and attempt it for the sake of attempting it.

Last Updated on : March 23, 2016

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