How to Prepare for pH Test

pH Test is a type of a common aptitude test which is held every month in India by for evaluating the fresher graduates (beginner level graduates) on a standardized benchmark. On the basis of the result of this test, companies which are clients to the conductors of the test recruit the short listed candidates.

Preparation Tips for pH Test

Tip #1
To begin with, students should not take stress for this exam at all. This exam is a basic one so stress shouldn't spoil one's percentile. Candidates should just relax and believe in their knowledge and abilities.

Tip #2
For the fresher graduates who plan to take this test, it is important to sit for campus recruitment tests since it is similar to them. The only difference is that instead of separate test for separate companies it is a test for a number of companies together.

Tip #3
So the students should pay attention on the pattern of the campus recruitment tests and try and solve previous year sample papers or other such test question papers.

Tip #4
Though this exam tests only the employability skills of the candidates a basic Mathematics and English is to be well known by the candidate. So the candidates should pay attention to all such basics of the language and Mathematics.

Tip #5
The test consists of three questions: Verbal, Quantitative Aptitude and Problem Solving. Students should be very well acquainted with the pattern so that they can prepare the main topics and not waste time in other unnecessary topics.

Tip #6
The verbal section of the paper consists of Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction/Completion and Analogy which is just Basic English. Any one who has studied English grammar well can do this section easily. For practicing this section one can use grammar book, sample question papers and practice books.

Tip #7
The Quantitative Aptitude section consists of Arithmetic, Geometry, Probability, mensuration and other basic Mathematics. Any graduate will be well prepared with these topics since they are taught from the school level. The senior secondary Mathematics syllabus should be revised thoroughly for this section.

Tip #8
The problem solving section consists of Critical reasoning, puzzles etc. Though this section depends on the intelligence and present mindedness of a student, the question of such type can still be practiced.

Tip #9
Each section consists of 20 questions and so the candidates must keep in mind that time management is important in order to attempt all questions correctly within time. The technique of time management can only be mastered by practice.

Tip #10
Though the stress level should be low the students should not take the exam lightly. In these types of exams the accuracy level matters the most which comes only through a lot of practice.

Last Updated on : March 10, 2016

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