Jaisalmer Cuisine

Jaisalmer cuisine is very traditional reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the state of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer cuisine is known for its wide array of dishes cooked in light oil. Jaiselmer cuisine is highly influenced by north-Indian dishes. Jaiselmer dishes are usually dry and very rich. Use of red chillies make these dishes very hot and spicy.

There are a wide array of mouth-watering Jaisalmer dishes that satisfies the taste buds of people from all age groups. There are some popular restaurants that serve exquisite Rajasthani food. These restaurants introduce various kinds of Jaisalmer dishes to the tourists who visit the magical land of Jaiselmer for the first time.

Some of the most delicious Jaiselmer dishes are Ker Sangri, Bhanon Aloo and Kadi Pakora. The most topical dish of Jaisalmer is Ker Sangri, which is prepared out of capers and desert beans. It is a unique dish which is prepared in traditional Rajasthani style. It is a an often eaten vegetarian dish. A large use of condiments and spices make this dish quite rich. It is quite easy to prepare and the preparation time is 45 minutes.

Those who prefer to eat light can opt for Kadi Pakora, an ideal Jaisalmer dish. This dish is prepared out of flour dumplings and yogurt. Bhanon Aloo is another vegetarian delicacy that is prepared out of potatoes having mint stuffings cooked in thick gravy. One of the most favorite non-vegetarian delicacy of the land is Murgh-e-Subz. It is prepared out of boneless chicken pieces and chopped vegetables. It is quite a juicy dish and is a favorite amongst the local inhabitants of Jaisalmer.

Last Updated on 12/15/2011