Air Force Children School Jaisalmer

Air Force Children School Jaisalmer is one of the many C.B.S.E. Schools in Jaisalmer where children of air force personnels study. This is one of the reputed schools in Jaisalmer that provides secondary and higher-secondary education to the students.

Each and every student in this school is provided high-class education. The school of Air Force Children in Jaisalmer is equipped with excellent teaching staff. A high sense of discipline is instilled within the pupils in order to make them responsible citizens of the country of India. A great deal of emphasis is given to co-curricular activities such as sports and games, acting and drama, art and craft.

This school is located at the Jaisalmer Air Force Station. Air Force Children School in Jaisalmer is well-maintained by the school authorities. The faculty members have been taking serious measures to bring up the educational standard of this much respected institution.

Last Updated on 12/12/2011