Shri Sangidass Bal Krishnan Government College

Shri Sangidass Bal Krishnan Government College in Jaisalmer is one of the most reputed colleges of Rajasthan. The college campus is built amidst serene surroundings. It is a prestigious institute that promises to secure a bright future for their students.

This college is known to have an excellent teaching staff. This college is known to produce the best of academicians in Rajasthan. The arts and commerce departments are said to be the best in the college Shri Sangidass Bal Krishnan. The teachers of this college employ advanced methodology of teaching their students. The library of Shri Sangidass Bal Krishnan College is replete with a wide collection of books. A canteen located within the campus serves all kinds of Indian dishes to the students. Not only that, it is a great place for exchanging ideas and holding interactive sessions.

This government owned college provides a wide choice of subjects to the students. Computer and other ancillary courses are also offered by the college. Out-station students come in large numbers to study in this prestigious institution. The college receives government funds, which are used up towards the maintenance of the college. Seminars and conferences are conducted, much for the benefit of the students.

Last Updated on 12/12/2011