Jaisalmer Business and Economy

The business and economy of Jaisalmer, the Golden City of Rajasthan, is mostly dependent on the travel and tourism industry of the place.

Jaisalmer Business and Economy: An Overview

During 1955-56, the Indian Government started divisional geographic expedition for petroleum in the Jaisalmer district. A voluminous source of Natural Gas was found by Oil India Limited in the Jaisalmer plateau in 1988.The culture of the city largely contributes to the tourism industry of it. The city is home to some of the popular singers and dancers who visited various countries in the world. Singers from Manganyar have charmed the world. Queen Harish, one of the famous performers of the state, was on a world trip in 2010 and has performed in many foreign movies.

The city is famous for its leather industry. The messenger bags made of wild camel leather are quite popular. These camels are indigenous creatures of the territory. Jaisalmer business and economy relies on the industries and businesses of the district to a significant degree. Currently, the major industries in Jaisalmer district are as follows:
  • Stone-cutting and sculpturing
  • Travel and tourism
  • Mineral-oriented industry
  • Khadi industry

Tourism Industry

Tourism industry of Jaisalmer is one of the booming sectors of the city. The city earns most of its revenue from the department of tourism. The city contributes heavily to the state coffer drawing from tourism in Jaisalmer. The natural beauty of the city set amidst the desert lures international and national tourists to visit it. The city earns foreign exchange from the huge number of international tourists who flock the city every year.

The government of the state of Rajasthan has provided with adequate infrastructure to support tourism industry of Jaisalmer. Accommodation facilities are available in various hotels established in the city. The city is also well connected roads, railways and air to the major cities of the country. The scenic beauty of the city lures tourists to visit it. The industry of tourism in Jaisalmer has emerged as one of the most profiting industries of the region.

The tourism industry of the city has flourished due to the following tourist attractions:
  • Jaisalmer Fort
  • Havelis (Patwon-ki-Haveli, Nathmalji-ki-Haveli, Salam Singh-ki-Haveli, and Haveli Shreenath)
  • The Folklore Museum
  • Desert Culture Centre & Museum
  • Government Museum
  • Desert Festival
  • Gadsisar Lake

Rural Sector

Khadi products and woolen products of the district are quite famous throughout India.

Since breeding of farm animals and cattle is a major source of income in the district, woolen products are available in abundance.

Khadi industry in the district of Jaisalmer has turned into the most significant rural manufacturing sector.

Approximately 200,000 sq m of Khadi products are manufactured in the district annually. The Indira Gandhi Nahar Project zone offers unlimited opportunities for pulse mills, oil mills, and other agriculture-oriented industries.

Hamira and Baramsar have of late been separated. Gandhi Colony and the Ricco Industrial Estate are economically advanced areas in the district. In Pokhran, there is an earmarked area for industries known as the Ashapura Industrial Estate. The district is home to three briny lakes and they are as follows:
  • Gudi Rin
  • Pokaran Rin
  • Kanod Rin

As a result of this, the salt manufacturing industry has thrived significantly in the district.

br /> The limestone region is the most significant region of this district and it is full of high quality limestone at the upper layer and cement grade limestone at the bottom portion. Currently, Rajasthan State Mineral Development Corporation (RSMDC) and Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Limited (RSMM) are making use of limestone's at Sanu, which is closely located to Ramgarh.

Government departments in Jaisalmer

Various government departments and agencies are operating in the district and some of the major departments are as follows:
  • Mining Division, supervised by the Assistant Mining Engineer.
  • Geology Division, supervised by geological scientists of GSI.
  • Rajasthan State Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. - It is a Government of Rajasthan Undertaking.
  • Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals Ltd., Sanu - It is a Government of Rajasthan Enterprise.

The Mining Division of GSI under the Ministry of Mines, Govt. of India carries out the organizational and authoritative responsibilities.

Jaisalmer Jobs

All kinds of Jaisalmer jobs are being available to the aspiring youth of the city. The administrative body of Jaisalmer is taking serious initiatives to better the prospect of employment, much for the benefit of the local inhabitants. The overall infrastructure of companies and service sectors are being expanded in order to recruit more and more deserving candidates. Gradually foreign companies are setting up their branches in Jaisalmer. These foreign enterprises are being largely encouraged by the government to set up their branches in order to enhance the job market of Jaisalmer.

The availability of diversified jobs in Jaisalmer are management based jobs, jobs in hotel industries, jobs in IT companies, banking and financial jobs, accounting, marketing jobs. These are some of the most popular jobs, which promises to secure a bright future for the ambitious youth of Jaisalmer. Due to the increasing availability of jobs the economic and social condition of Jaisalmer have improved.

Shopping in Jaisalmer

Shopping in Jaisalmer is an essential itinerary while on a tour of the city. Jaisalmer is reputed for its artistic mirror work and bead work. The tourists may visit the shopping centers that have developed in the city. The tourists may collect shawls, blankets and embroidered garments from the shopping centers of Jaisalmer. The city is reputed for its crafted wood work. Wooden boxes and trinkets are extremely popular in the city of Jaisalmer. The tourists may collect the Bandhani or the tie-dyed cloth which is one of the specialties of the city. Visitors also collect household decorative like carpets, tapestry, stonework, earthen lamps and antiques which are found in the local markets of Jaisalmer.

The tourists may visit the following market places that are popular for their collection of items in Jaisalmer:
  • Zila Khadi Gramodan Parishad
  • Sadar Bazaar
  • Gandhi Darshan
  • Sonaron Ka Bas
  • Pansari Bazaar
  • Manak Chowk
  • Rajasthali
  • Khadi Gramyodyog Bhawan

Rajasthali is one of the government approved shops of Jaisalmer. The Manak Chowk is one of the most popular markets of the city with a good collection of articles available at a good bargain.Light of the east is the shop located within the premises of the fort of Jaisalmer. The shop is known for its collection of rare and precious minerals that includes the rare zeolite.

Tourists may go shopping at Jaisalmer and collect articles which serve as memoirs of the city.

Jaisalmer features an outstanding transportation network which helps in the growth of its business and economy.

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