Chendamangalam Fort

The Ernakulam district of Kochi is the spot where the humongous structure known as the Chendamangalam Fort has been standing for an unbelievable 450 years which is an unbelievable feat in itself. The Ernakulum district is in fact a petite town that came into the limelight by virtue of housing the colossal Chendamangalam Fort that is situated at an estimated length of 42 kilometers from it.

The ambiance that predominates the around the Chendamangalam Fort in Kochi is truly awesome. The entire credit goes to the verdant grasslands that runs parallel to the three sprawling rivulets with emerald blue waters that blesses the whole area with its ominous presence.

Apart from being an epitome of raw strength and pure vim, the Chendamangalam Fort of Kochi also houses an array of extremely precious and valuable artifacts which are reminiscent of the ancient history associated with this place. They include articles like important documents, relics that take the observer on a journey down the memory lane and many more intriguing items.

The beleaguering landscape is filled with the innocuous presence of temples, churches and also mosques which is spectacular but at the same time a wee bit weird. This fraction of Kochi also serves as the domicile of the prime minister in the court of Paliath Achans.

You can very easily approach the Chendamangalam Fort at Kochi as it only lies at a length of 20 kilometers from the Cochin International Airport. You can also reach the Chendamangalam Fort of Kochi via rail as there are three stations close to it, namely Ernakulum, Cochin harbor and Ernakulum Junction.

Last Updated on : 30/08/2013