Maritime Museum Kochi

The Maritime Museum Kochi is perhaps one of the most inspiring and at the same time astonishing places in this southwestern city in India. The naval force of India earns the much-coveted recognition of being revered amongst the most robust naval powers in the world and the Maritime Museum in Kochi serves to be a platform to display their valor, patriotism and selfless service towards the country.

The Maritime Museum Kochi proudly procures an abode to most of the tokens of the major achievements and triumphs of the Indian navy. On gaining entrance to the Maritime Museum of Kochi you will be utterly dazzled as you will be able to witness the glory and glaze of the Indian navy, learn its illustrious history and get to acquire knowledge regarding the various contributions made by the great men.

The most watched and acknowledged artifacts that are put on display in the Maritime Museum at Kochi include the following:-
  • The evolution and blooming of the Indian naval force into one of the most formidable and unfathomable powers in the world.

  • A unique chamber consecrated to the legendary name in the maritime history of India, Kunjali Marakkar.

  • This museum is housed inside the INS Dronacharya.

  • Evidence of the existence of trade relations between the Kerala residents and the occupants of the Indus Valley Civilization.

  • Certain sections also throw light on ship making, the major battles in which the Indian navy had left an indelible impression like the 1965 and 1971 wars with the neighbors, Pakistan.

Last Updated on : 30/08/2013