Kochi to Chendamangalam

Take a journey from Kochi to Chendamangalam and you can view the real wealth of Kerala, its natural resources in the form of dense vegetation, water bodies and vast range of wildlife. The 42 kilometers long journey from the Ernakulam district of Kochi to Chendamangalam fort is accessible through roads only because the nearest airport is 20 kilometers away in Kochi and railway head is also located in Kochi.

People like to go out on excursion from Kochi to Chendamangalam because of the serene beauty that falls in between the way. At Chendamangalam, do check out the ancient Chendamangalam Fort which is one of the oldest forts in India. The 450 years old fort is abode to some historical documents, artifacts and relics which have now been kept for public display.

But the main attraction of the tour from Kochi to Chendamangalam is the surrounding beauty created by the lavish greenery, the crystal like clear water of the three rivers that flow nearby and the small hills that adorn the surrounding scenery. Take an evening walk around the place and you would get intoxicated by the breeze blowing across. Moreover, they carry with them the fragrance of the blossoms nearby.

The Kochi to Chendamangalam route is very much interesting for you get to see a blend of not just the varying natural resources rather you also get to see the blend of cultures and religion as you find a church, a temple and a mosque at the same place in the vicinity of the Chendamangalam Fort. All this would add fervor to your fun during Kochi to Chendamangalam excursion.

Last Updated on : 30/08/2013