Kochi to Thattekkadu Bird Sanctuary

One cannot forget a journey from Kochi to Thattekkadu Bird Sanctuary. The popular sanctuary is situated 20 kilometers away from Kothamangalam on the Kochi-Munnar route. The route offers vast range of flora and fauna for one to explore.

If you take an excursion from Kochi to Thattekkadu Bird Sanctuary, you would get to see a vast range of natural wonders on your journey through this 20 kilometer long route. The route is accessible through roads; so you can hire a taxi or catch a bus from Kochi. The nearest railway head and airport is in Kochi; so after getting down there, you have to travel the whole route through road transports.

The route that you would use for Kochi to Thattekkadu Bird Sanctuary excursion is full of dense vegetation and this vegetation supports the wildlife there. The wildlife ratio outside the sanctuary is not too low and you can find some small beasts roaming around here and there in the woods.

But the main attraction of the whole tour from Kochi to Thattekkadu Bird Sanctuary is the sanctuary itself which is very popular all across the state. The sanctuary which bears a complete natural look of a jungle is abode to some very special species such as blue-winged parakeet, woodpecker, Malabar grey hornbill, rose ringed parakeet, etc. Apart from these, the sanctuary also hosts some birds which are rare to find such as Rose-billed Roller, Ceylon frog-moth, etc. During various seasons, you can find foreign birds migrating to this sanctuary.

Kochi to Thattekkadu Bird Sanctuary tour is the favorite among the wildlife enthusiasts who get a good opportunity to explore the wildlife of the southern region of India.

Last Updated on : 30/08/2013