Indo Portuguese Museum

The Portuguese are inevitably linked with the south-western city in the peninsula of India, known as Kochi as they had left an indelible imprint on virtually all its spheres. The Indo Portuguese Museum vouches for the supreme reign of the Portuguese in Kochi, as it is one of the very rare buildings that procures a domicile to many of the precious artworks and other relics belonging to the Indo-Portuguese era.

The Indo Portuguese Museum was in fact the dream and aspiration of Dr Kureethra, who had served the tenure of the Bishop of Kochi at some point of his life. The sole objective that acted behind the erection of this monumental museum known as Indo Portuguese Museum in Kochi was the zeal to shield his own archdiocese from jeopardy. Another objective was to precisely bear on the legacy of his times so that the coming generation could learn something from them.

The Indo Portuguese Museum of Kochi had been strategically bifurcated into five sections, each dealing with a different set of articles. These sections can be categorized as Civil Life, Cathedral, Altar, Treasure and Procession. A huge fraction of all antiquities displayed in the Indo Portuguese Museum at Kochi reflects tremendous Portuguese influence.

Some of the most revered items that are displayed at the Indo Portuguese Museum with great pomp and gaiety are listed below:-
  • A primitive altar that had been constructed from the lavish use of teak wood.

  • Exquisitely carved sculptures.

  • Artifacts made from metal.

  • Court of Arms belonging to Franciscans origin.

Last Updated on : 30/08/2013