Kochi to Bhoothathankettu

A trip from Kochi to Bhoothathankettu would last with you throughout your memory lane. Bhoothathankettu is just 50 kilometers away from Kochi and is accessible through road. You can take an excursion with your family and friends to this place whose beauty is compared to that of heaven.

If you are a nature enthusiast and love traveling amidst nature, then you must take an excursion from Kochi to Bhoothathankettu for you get the chance to explore the wild nature of Kochi at Kerala. The route that leads to Bhoothathankettu in Kerala is very beautiful and comprises of various fauna and flora. The voice of different birds and animals along with the rustling of leaves seems to create an environment which is no less than a musical competition.

Moreover, if you take a tour from Kochi to Bhoothathankettu in Kerala, then you can also visit Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Thattekadu which is situated near by. The sanctuary is an abode to various birds including the ones which are facing the danger of extinction and which are rarely available. You can also check out the two main Ernakulam district irrigation projects namely Idamalayar Irrigation Project and Periyar Valley irrigation project.

Bhoothathankettu is an ideal place for organizing a picnic amidst the glorious beauty of nature. The place has an enchantment in its air and this is why the one who visits it once is unable to leave the place easily. Now the popularity of the region has gone so high, that people, who visit Kerala, do take out time to take a Kochi to Bhoothathankettu excursion. The adventure lovers can also trek around the travel route of Kochi to Bhoothathankettu which is covered with colorful and fragrant floras.

Last Updated on : 30/08/2013