Academic Jobs in Manali

Education is an integral part of our life. Job openings in the the education sector are considered very prestigious and esteemed. There are innumerable academic jobs in Manali. The academic jobs can be broadly classified into:

  • School Jobs
  • College Jobs
  • University Jobs

Some of the popular schools in the city of Manali are:

  • Infant Jesus Mat. Hr Sec School, Manali New Town
  • Infant Jesus Primary School, Manali
  • St. Thomas Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Manali New Town.
  • Day Star School Manali, District Kulu
  • Delhi Public School, Manali

The school offers vacancies in the academic division for the post of Junior teachers, Senior Teachers and Senior Secondary Teachers in various subjects. To train the children in several extra curricular activities there are vacancies for Physical Education Teacher, Music Teacher and Art and Craft Teacher

In the administrative division the job openings are for the post of Principal, Vice Principal, accountant, clerks and other administrative professionals. The educational qualifications for candidates who are aspiring to join as teachers are Bachelors degree and Post Graduate Degrees in their respective subjects. In the field of teaching Bachelor of Education degree is a must.

The vacancies for the Colleges and the Universities are for the post of Lecturers, Readers, Professors and various administrative professionals. There is a wide scope for academic jobs in Manali.

Last Updated on 31 March 2012