Manali Food

Manali food largely owes itself to the crops that are widely grown in the surrounding valley. The main crops are paddy, maize, kodra and salyara that make up the main dishes of the Manali people. A large number of vegetables and fruits also dominate food of Manali. Vada, bhatora and patrodu are served during celebrations and festivities.

An abundance of milk and milk based recipes dominate the food habit of Manali people. Hot milk, curd, butter, ghee or clarified butter, lassi or a curd drink and tea with lots of milk are popular drinks among the Manali people. Home made wine from barley and red rice, known as Chakti and Lugri, make the the local variety.

A traditional spread of Manali food includes an array of rice, a curry or cooked beaten curd, a curd based dish madra, pulses, raita which is a mustard based digestive food made of dry fruits, and sweet rice. This conventional fare is now served usually during marriages and special occasions and is prepared in the way called 'Dham' preferably by a 'Boti' or a Brahmin cook. They are traditionally served on leaf plates or pattal.

For the tourists, there are several restaurants and eating joints catering to a wide range in budget and taste. To get a taste of local Manali food try the Club House of old Manali on Saturdays. This apart, Manali restaurants serve various Indian and international cuisine. Both vegetarian and non - vegetarian food is available in the numerous eating houses of Manali. Varied choices are also available for those preferring the vegan menus and fast food. Bakeries and ice cream parlors of Manali are sure to please the sweet toothed.