Manali Fine Arts

This includes the different forms of art that have been primarily developed for aesthetics and is more of a concept rather a practical application. The traditional fine arts have got 5 different divisions, which are as follows:

  • Architecture
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Poetry
  • Sculpture

However, in the present time, fine arts even encompass the various forms of visual and performing art such as architecture, assemblage, calligraphy, collage, conceptual art, de-collage, film, installation, photography, printmaking and theatre.

Education System in Manali

This is one of the popular cities as well as a famous hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Being a small city, this place is inhabited by around 30, 000 people, out of which more than 70 % of the people are literate. The rate of male literacy is higher though. The Government of Himachal Pradesh is responsible for the overall growth and development of the education system of Manali. Starting from school level education to post graduate level education, the city has got every kind of educational institutions.

Manali Fine Arts

The different kinds of fine arts on this city of Himachal Pradesh reflect the originality as well as the age old traditions of the hill station. The residents of this place have got a deep association with God. This devotion gets portrayed in their work of arts as well. The cultural essence and simplicity forms the base of such art works. The skilled and artistic talent of the locals has resulted in awe inspiring crafts. Manali fine arts are quite praiseworthy as well as the achiever of international appreciation. Many of the inhabitants of this place earn their livelihood from their creation of fine art works. Their uniqueness lies in their talent of mixing varied and vibrant colors so as to make a piece of art more beautiful. To name a few of the most popular handicrafts of Manali are metal and wooden masks, traditional jewelry, wood carvings, musical instruments, stone vessels, stone sculpture models of the different temples, forts and old houses and many more. Apart from that, the local population even excels in folk songs and folk dances. The group dance performances on the beats of regional musical instruments and folk songs create a spectacular view. Apart from reflecting the enthusiasm and liveliness of the residents of Manali, these performances enthrall the audience.

The Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art is one of the best places, which display the various forms of fine arts that are prevalent in the city of Manali. Located with the Utopia Complex, this museum has got a good collection of artifacts, which reflect the art, culture and tradition of Manali as well as Himachal Pradesh. With an aim to reveal the cultural heritage of the hill station, this museum has made a compassionate effort and has collected some of the unseen and rare pieces of art work. Each of those articles has got its own unique importance. Some of them are associated with history of the place as well. Besides these, the local fairs and festivals, which are held in and around Manali are among the best places to know about the varied forms of the fine arts of this area.