Manali Music

The sweet and melodious Manali music reflects the rich folk traditions and cultural legacies of the ancient times that has percolated to the modern era. Unaltered and unaffected by the process of rapid industrialization and dissemination of traditional values, the folk songs of Himachal Pradesh reminds one of the rich musical heritage of the Himalayan kingdom.

Accompanied with proper musical instruments, the tribal folk songs are sung together by men and women alike in a huge group, on days of special festive occasions. The enchanting melodious folk songs fill the air with music. Most of the musical songs are based on traditional folk stories. One is acquainted with the enriched literature of the bygone days through the folk songs of Manali.

The singers of the folk music narrate the bravery of certain kings, the beauty of some particular queen or the mythological stories of the region through the folk songs. Based on daily life experiences of the local inhabitants of the place, the enchanting melody of the folk songs display the rich artistic caliber and creative imagination of the composers of the songs.

The indigenous tribal communities of the neighboring areas of Manali sing folk songs to celebrate their joy, to dispel their boredom and to woo their partners. Music is an integral part of the daily existence of the aboriginal tribe of Manali.

Beautifully sung, the Manali music bear relics to the rich past of Himachal Pradesh. An important part of the traditional art and craft of the state, the beautiful music of Manali are sung with great enthusiasm and zeal. The melodious music relieve the local inhabitants of the stress and strains of daily mundane existence and fill them with renewed energy and vigor. Manali people, culture and festivals display the dynamic and vibrant cultural traditions of Himachal Pradesh.