Manali People Culture and Festivals

Manali people, culture and festivals reflect the distinct and unique socio-cultural life style of the indigenous inhabitants of the region. The varied culture of the region reflects the rich traditional legacy and ancestral heritage that has percolated to the modern era from the ancient past. The cultural traits of the hilly region are unaltered and unaffected by the rapid industrialization of the modern times and brings out the traditional cultural values of the society.

The exotic valleys of Manali is the natural home to several indigenous tribes of the region. The different ethnic tribes follow distinctive cultural patterns and social customs. The tribal community of Kinnaur is one of the prominent indigenous local inhabitant of the valley. The egalitarian society of Kinnaur community believe in equal division of labor between the sexes. Gujjar is another important tribe of the region who are commonly referred to as the wandering tribe of the region.

Blessed with a rich traditional art and craft from the ancient times, Manali is famous for the indigenous folk songs and dance of the region. Accompanied with the enchanting melodious folk songs, the dancers perform their art with perfection and great enthusiasm.

The varied topography of the state of Himachal Pradesh is best suited for several adventurous sports of the area. The tourists can enjoy a plethora of sporting events in Manali. Some of the notable sports of the region are skiing, paragliding, parasailing and river rafting.

The indigenous tribal population of Manali prefer to wear the traditional attire. Usually spun out of wool, the colorful and attractive apparels reflect the culture of the local people of the area.

Manali people, culture and festivals display the varied yet enriched socio-cultural life style of the local tribal population.