Manali Cane Crafts and Pottery

The idyllic little hill station of Manali is renowned for its exquisite handicrafts and assortment of paraphernalia that make wonderful souvenirs and keepsakes. Amongst the notable artifacts produced by the local craftsmen, Manali Cane Crafts and Pottery deserve special mention.

The omnipresent bamboo shoots that Himachal Pradesh is opulent in, has a multitude of uses. The plant yields the robust cane that is used to make a host of furniture as well as baskets in interesting shapes and sizes like the innovative pataris and kiltas. The local cane or 'nargal', a variety of bamboo that is found in plenty in the northern reaches of the vales are used as ingredients to construct the pataris and other allied handicrafts.

These cane products are a major of revenue for the financially impoverished villagers who flock to the forests to collect the raw materials. The baskets weaved by the local artisans have myriads of commercial use. While tourists purchase these baskets for showcasing them as decorative pieces, the local inhabitants use them to transport fruits and wool.

The imported cane is shipped form Assam, Andaman and Nicobar Islands as well as other parts of the Indian subcontinent. They are used to make quality furniture, baskets and a variety of novel gift items that flood the shops of the valley during the festive celebrations of the Spring Festival and Dusshera.

Another highlight of the Manali Cane Crafts and Pottery are the excellent pottery pieces made of clay. Primarily used for domestic purposes, the utensils, pots, pitchers and earthenware are possibly one of the most popular products sold by the potters or the Kumahars of the valley.