Representing the enriched traditional art and craft of the indigenous local inhabitants of the region, the beautifully hand woven mufflers are a notable product of the Manali handlooms. Woven out of pure Pashmina, Angora or Merino wool, mufflers are an important part of the unique dressing styles of the local inhabitants of the hilly regions.

Mostly worn during winters, the origin of the weaving of mufflers can be traced back to the year of 1940 when the local inhabitants became more fashion conscious and started sporting different kinds of apparels to boost up their personality. Woven in small scale cottage industries of the state, the colorful and attractive mufflers have drawn the attention of each and every tourist who visits the region.

Men as well as women wear mufflers around their neck to relieve them of the severe and biting cold of the Himalayan kingdom of Himachal Pradesh. The mufflers worn by the males are generally of 1.70 meter x 0.30 meter, whereas the ones worn by the females are of 2 meters x 0.40 meters.

The exquisitely designed mufflers reflect a harmonious blend of bright and light colors. There are three different kinds of mufflers woven by the highly talented local craftsmen of the region. Spun out of pure wool, the Plain muffler has a single base color and is devoid of any designs. The Ek Phool mufflers also bear a single base color with one single design on either side. The beautiful pattern of design is a relic of the indigenous art of the ancient period. Teen Phool is another kind of muffler which again has a single colored base with three distinct designs on either end.

Mufflers are known for the fine quality and exclusive designs. An integral part of the indigenous art of Himachal Pradesh, the mufflers serve the dual purpose of keeping oneself warm and sporting a fashionable look.