Crafts on Manali

Crafts on Manali portrays the rich artistic caliber and creative imaginative skills of the local indigenous inhabitants of the region. Upholding the traditional ancestry and cultural heritage of the hilly region of Manali, the exquisite pieces of crafts have an internationally acclaimed status.

The handloom and handicraft industries of Manali form the backbone of the economic structure of the region. Endowed with immense potentialities, the local craftsmen of Manali have inherited the art of weaving exclusive handloom and handicraft items from their forefathers. The skilled craftsmen of the region are adept in weaving colorful and attractive traditional apparels of long over coat, shawls, mufflers, woolen caps, and pattu. The beautiful blend of bright colors coupled with the fine weaving pattern imparts an attractive look to the handloom products of the area of Manali.

Most of the indigenous local population are engaged in the art of spinning beautiful woolen garments. The exclusive design patterns and the attractive color combination displays the rich craftsmanship of the local people of Manali. Anyone who visits Manali makes it a point to purchase the handloom item as a relic of the rich culture of the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Metal craft of Manali occupies a pre eminent position in the varied crafts on Manali. Comprising mostly of colorful masks, exquisitely designed jewelries and useful household goods, the metal craft of Manali is very developed. The tribal communities of Himachal Pradesh wear beautiful ornaments during special festive occasions. Their desire to flaunt jewelries helped them to acquire knowledge on designing exclusive necklaces and earrings.

Representing the enriched cultural tradition, the crafts of Manali bear resemblance to zenith of development of art and craft of the region.

Manali people, culture and festivals display the varied yet enriched socio-cultural life style of the local tribal population.