Manali Hand Knit Woolens

Manali Hand knit woolens are one of the principal reasons why tourists love to shop in the Kullu Manali valley. They come in various types, colorful, restrained shades, pastel and vivid hues. These products are exclusive in their design and artwork. They have undulating, soft designs or geometric, angular ones.

The populace of Manali works in the fields during the Agricultural season. But in winter, when the snow arrives, they are free to pursue designing and making different kinds of handicraft. The women are the ones who are mostly available to make these woolens in winter. This is a source of pleasure as well as economic empowerment of these farmhand women.

These woolens are not made of the fine processed wool but the course kind found in hills, where they process the wool in their crude contraptions. These products primarily belong to some tribal areas like Spiti and Lahual.

The products include woolen socks, sweaters, caps, gloves, pullovers etc. The woolen socks primarily have geometrical designs and are quite sturdy and less liable to wear and tear. The woolen sweaters are hand knitted and have floral motifs or geometrical designs. These sweaters are worn by the local populace as well and are quite useful in keeping out the cold. The wool used, once again, is home-processed.

Woollen caps and gloves are sometimes attached with leather straps to provide support. They are weaved in intricate designs as well.

Manali hand knit woolens are quite renowned in the northern reaches of India. They are tough, durable and inexpensive as well.