Kullu Caps

Made out of pure wool, the colorful Kullu caps are very useful to deal with the biting and severe cold of the Himalayan kingdom of Himachal Pradesh. One of the prominent products of Manali handlooms, Kullu caps are known for their beautiful blend of attractive colors and fine quality.

Span out of Pashmina, or Angora wool, the Kullu caps have an international demand. The hand woven caps of the traditional handloom industry of the region of Kullu and Manali reflect the rich artistic caliber and creative imagination of the local craftsmen of the region. Worn mostly by men, the exclusively designed caps of Kullu are a part of the rich art and craft of the state of Himachal Pradesh.

The Kullu caps bear several patterns of designs on either side. The smooth and soft quality and the harmonious blend of colors impart a royal look to the Kullu cap. The Kullu cap is an integral part of the indigenous traditional handicraft and handloom industry of the region. Most of the local craftsmen of the several handicraft and handloom industry of Himachal Pradesh are adept in weaving the Kullu caps.

The delicate and exquisite designs on the sides of the Kullu caps are done with the help of fine and colorful threads or wool. Apart from the beauty of the woolen garment, one feels comfortable after wearing the highly decorated Kullu caps.

The beautifully designed and attractive caps have derived their name from the commercial place of Kullu, as most of the craftsmen of the handloom industries of the region were skillful in weaving the Kullu caps.