The quaint hill station of Manali is not only famed for its scenic splendor, the local handicrafts and metal works that evince the consummate skill and talent of the local craftsmen also attract legions of aficionados. One of the highlights of the Manali metal crafts, the Manali ornaments are a rage all across the country.

Both the men as well as the womenfolk of Manali love to adorn themselves and accessorize their garments with chunky ornaments. Tourists also love picking up these chunky pieces of ethnic costume jewelry that are verge much in vogue with the urban crowd. The Himalayan womenfolk have a great affinity towards sparkling silver jewelry. Those who do not hail from very affluent families, also opt for an adornment made of the more common and inexpensive metals. Be the local fairs, festivals, marriages or any other ceremony, the men and women take out their finery and adequately embellish themselves with the jewelry pieces.

In the earlier days, these ornaments had bold and striking motifs of the flora and fauna, commonly found in the valley. The were worn to adorn the skull, the forehead, wrists,fingers, toes, ankles, ears, arm as well as the neck. However, the style of the Manali ornaments are also changing in accordance with the modern times. Today the women were light understated jewelry that are a fascinating fusion of modern styles and traditional designs.

There is a wide choice in the type of metal that is used to make the jewelry pieces. While the wealthy and conservative families prefer cold, the bourgeoisie opt for silver. The poorer sections of society who cannot desist from picking up a few pieces of jewelry for their trousseau, usually buy silver or guilt pieces.